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One of the main problems that users have when buying Apple products is that the company does not offer discounts in its stores, neither in the physical nor in the Apple Store. Now, fortunately, sites like Amazon do have several offers that, of course, all those who want to buy an Apple Watch now can take advantage of, since all the new models are discounted. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

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Since Apple launched the first Apple Watch model, it has not only evolved considerably but has also been able to shed its skin, resulting in three different models such as the SE, currently the Series 8 and the Apple Watch Ultra. Each of them, as we will tell you a few lines below, is designed for a different type of audience, and fortunately, as we told you, they all currently have a discount on Amazon. Below we leave you the offers available.

  • Apple Watch SE
    • 40 mm case: 30 euros discount.
    • 44 mm case: 30 euros discount.
  • Apple WatchSeries 8
    • 41 mm case: 60 euros discount.
    • 45 mm case: 60 euros discount.
  • Apple Watch Ultra: 64 euro discount.

What is your ideal Apple Watch?

As you have been able to verify, the discounts are quite interesting, so now all you have to finish deciding is which is the most suitable model for you and above all, for the use that you are going to make of the device. The Apple Watch SE It is designed for two types of users, those who are going to buy an Apple Watch for the first time and are not convinced if it is really worth spending a lot of money on it, and two, for those who are clear that they do not need or want all the health functions that the Series 8 has since with the functions of this equipment it is more than enough.

Those who go for Apple Watch Series 8 They are clear about its benefits and, above all, that they want to enjoy all the functions that a watch with these characteristics can offer, both at the level of notifications and applications, as well as at the level of health with all the sensors it has inside and, of course, all that this implies at the level of monitoring vital signs.

applewatch s7

finally there is Apple Watch Ultra that it was born with a very clear target audience, those who do a lot of outdoor sports and expose the Apple Watch to risky situations almost constantly. This model is much more expensive, but it is also much more resistant, bigger and has more battery, in addition to all the extra functions at the sports level that it provides, mainly for outdoor sports.

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