All confirmed Apple TV + releases in 2022

SúperSorda is now available in full

It had not been announced until this week, but today we already have available the 3 chapters to the complete of the SuperSorda miniseries. Cartoon and focused on the whole family, with special emphasis on the little ones in the house, this new miniseries focuses on the particular adventures of Cece, a girl who is forced to develop superpowers after losing her hearing. It should be said that it is produced and directed by Will McRobb, the same face that is behind Harriet the spy, another children’s series released a few weeks ago.

Servant stands out on the nearest horizon

This January will be strong on the platform, since the day 21 came back Servantwith the broadcast of the first chapter of its third season. The M. Night Shyamalan series will premiere in subsequent weeks the other 9 chapters that make up this new batch, which will be the penultimate of the series. The die-hard fans of this psychological horror series are already biting their nails waiting to see how the mystery of Leanne, Dorothy and Sean continues.

The same day that Servant will arrive The Afterparty. This is a new miniseries that mixes three genres that, a priori, seem completely different. Comedy, mystery and murders involve a series that recreates the facts of a murder lived at a party and does so from 8 different points of view, which are neither more nor less than those of each of the protagonists.

Also that day 21 arrives Los Fraguels: the fun continues. This new sequel comes after the success of the previous one among the little ones, meeting again with new adventures of Gobo, Musi and company, with the magic more present than ever and to demonstrate how it serves to take care of an increasingly interconnected planet as it is. our.

Although before these three, the day 14, officially arrives Macbeth, a film that will be released in theaters exclusively a few weeks before. As you can imagine with its title, it is a feature film inspired by the well-known work of William Shakespeare adapted by Joel Coen.

More premieres confirmed for this year

Although other premieres for this month that would be added to those already discussed are not ruled out, we have several dates confirmed by the platform. One of them is Suspects, a new thriller in serial form that will arrive on February 4th. Also within this genus is Separation, another series that will arrive that same month and more specifically the 18th of February.

However, there are more unknowns that at this point we have, since there are several series and films confirmed for this year and that still do not have a confirmed date.

  • Cycles: 3rd season of the series
  • Killers of the Flower Moon: new movie
  • The Mosquito Coast: 2nd season of the series
  • Laison: New serie
  • Magic Johnson: new docuseries
  • Mythic Quest: 3rd season of the series
  • Now and Then: New serie
  • Tehran: 2nd season of the series
  • Ted Lasso: 3rd season of the series
  • The Reluctant Traveler: new travel program

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