All Gears of War could reach Xbox Series X remastered in a pack

Admit it, you love the compilations of complete sagas, and games like the Uncharted saga or The Master Chief Collection Halo games are great examples for gamers, so what if they released a Gears of War compilation? Remastered? Do not say more.

All Gears of War together?


The news comes through a rumor commented on the podcast of Xbox era, a well-known publication that has already advanced many Microsoft-related releases in the past. Well, in the podcast episode, Nick Baker assured that “a first-party shooter will receive the Master Chief Collection treatment.”

I said a while back that there’s another Microsoft franchise that’s getting the Master Chief Collection treatment, and I think it’s coming this year.

And of course, what Microsoft’s own shooter could be launched in a compilation saga format? Obviously the chosen one could not be other than Gears of War, which would bring together its games to collect them in a remastered compendium that will allow everyone to replay them at the resolution that Xbox Series X | S deserves. Let’s remember that the first Gears of War was previously remastered to look at 1080P and 60 images per second on Xbox One, but it is clear that the new Microsoft consoles ask for scenes of the Lancer dismembering Locust in glorious 4K with great detail. Both the commentators on the live broadcast and the contributors to the podcast got it right with the answer “Gears”, after he himself said “you got it right”.

And it is that according to Baker himself, the options would go through Halo, Gears and Forza, something that would leave no doubt about the game that will come again in the form of a remastered collection. If you don’t buy into the idea of ​​a 4K remastered Gears at this point, you’d better jump ship and never talk to us again.

When will it be released?

Gears 4 Xbox Live Gold August

At the moment the rumor is quite vague, and although it is information that has been heard before, there is nothing about its release date. However, Baker dares to say that it will possibly launch this year. The information seems to be quite reliable, and although the release date is unknown, its existence already makes us quite happy. We’ll see if it finally drops this year, but it would be a smart way to cushion the long wait for Gears. Will that mean that we will suffer many delays in its development?

If so, it would be quite cool for us to see an announcement about it at the next Xbox Showcase to be held on June 12, thus replacing the missing E3. It would be there where this Gears of War Collection was announced for the first time, a long-awaited compilation that will bring at least the 5 Gears games, and we’ll see if there is any more advance of the long-delayed Gears 6. We will also have to see if Gears will be in this collection of War: Judgment (it would deserve it, of course), but whatever they do, surely more than one will feel dissatisfied. To all this: what is your favorite Gears? Would you be willing to play all Gears one more time on your new Xbox Series X?

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