All iOS 15 glitches on iPhone and their fix (if they have)

Why do iOS problems arise?

The fact that errors appear in the operating system is completely normal and can be due to various causes. The first one is that they be widespread failures that are affecting all users or a good part of them. These are caused by poor optimization by Apple and are usually more common in the first versions of a system (see iOS 15.0).

Other failures are those caused by the accumulation of junk files that, generally, are not directly the fault of the user. This is usually common when the device has not been restored for a long time and versions have been updated one on top of the other, appearing even more frequently when new iPhone models are configured with dragged backups of previous phones.

The latter are not usually in any case excessively normal, but they do occur. The good thing about them is that with a complete restoration of the device they are solved. However, those that originate from Apple programming failures (or applications) tend to have a less rapid solution and that is that in most cases you have to wait for the company to launch new versions of iOS to solve it.

IOS Problems That Still Unfixed

Here are the problems reported in the current version of iOS 15, which do not have a common solution and probably depend on a future update.

  • Excessive battery consumption: It is not happening in all cases, but there are a good number of users who, with different iPhone models each, have been reporting that the battery lasts less since they updated. This is usually a classic problem of the first versions.
  • Lowest brightness when unlocking: This is a reported problem in some iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max that causes that when pressing the unlock button, the screen is slightly dimmed in brightness for a few thousandths of a second before showing normal.
  • Storage full without being: it may happen that, even having enough space of 10, 15 and even 20 GB, the iPhone shows that the storage is almost full. This happens on all types of iPhone, although it seems that it does not involve problems to continue downloading apps or saving content such as photos and videos.

  • Coverage issues: There are also reports that in some areas where there has generally been good coverage in versions such as iOS 14, since it was updated a lower signal has been collected (it has been verified with telephone operators that there is no incidence).
  • Unlocking Face ID with Apple Watch: The function of unlocking the iPhone wearing a mask thanks to the Apple Watch cannot be activated in some iPhone 13. It is one of those that is expected to be solved in subsequent updates.
  • Faults with CarPlay: some devices are having problems to play Apple Music content or directly inability to connect to the vehicle.

How can you try to fix them

The bugs mentioned above have been added at this point because they do not have a solution, although there are some that could have a solution completely formatting the iPhone. This is the case of the bug in the brightness of the iPhone 13 Pro screen, which in some cases has been solved in this way, although the truth is that in other cases it has not been effective.

The other option you have left is to wait for it to be solved by a next version of iOS. And you will wonder, When will this solution arrive? And the truth is that it is not yet known when an update will be released, although it has been leaked that iOS 15.0.1 could arrive this week and with it the definitive solution to some of these failures.

IOS 15 bugs that already have a solution

Here is a list of those bugs reported since the launch of iOS 15.0 but that, in one way or another, already have a solution. Most of them are related to applications.

  • Unable to update to iOS 15: In the first hours after its launch, there were many complaints from users that the download was impossible, even getting an error message on the screen. This was the result of the saturation of the servers and was solved when it was decongested.
  • Touch locked: some iPhones (both old and new) get stuck on the application screen without being able to scroll between screens. It is not really solved, although it can have a temporary solution if the device is rebooted.

iphone 13 pro max

  • Problems with Instagram: the app owned by Facebook gave problems in the interface of the iPhone 13 and in the rest it did not allow to see the ‘Stories’ with sound. It was solved with several updates released at the end of September.
  • Twitter closes on its own: a bug that was very present in all the betas of iOS 15 and that got to sneak in some cases in the final version, but fortunately it has already been completely resolved.

What to do if you have not fixed it

Telling you that these failures have been solved and that you continue to have them sounds contradictory, but we can attest to you that they are no longer being generalized problems. For this reason, we advise you, to solve them, try to carry out these actions:

  • If the problem is with an app try to enter the App Store and check if there is any pending update that ends up solving the error. You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling it to remove all data from the iPhone and use it again from scratch.
  • Restart the iPhone, since this action will cause the processes open in the background to be reset and with this the possible conflicts that these are generating in the device can be removed.
  • Format the device as the last desperate solution if you have not managed to solve the problem. You will have to do it without uploading a backup (although you will keep the data in sync with iCloud).

Note: The bugs detailed in this article have been reported by users in specialized forums and verified by the editorial team, in some cases being affected by ourselves.

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