All news: Apple recommends using Office, Ecosia and goodbye to Forza Motorsport

Pact between Apple and Microsoft?

Apple and Microsoft have always been rivals, although it is true that in recent years things have softened. While the Redmond giant has Windows and its office suite, Office, the apple giant has macOS and its own office suite, iWork.

However, it is ironic to find that Apple lists, as reasons to buy a Mac, the possibility of using the applications of Microsoft 365, rather than recommending your own office suite. But it is not the only competing program that he recommends using. We can also see how it recommends using Google Workspace, and even Dropbox instead of iCloud.

You can see these recommendations from here. Of course, recommending the use of competitor programs, having your own, to buy one of their computers are the most curious reasons.

The reforestation of Ecosia

For those of us who do not know it, Ecosia It is a search engine, similar to Google, but with the difference that part of its profits go to planting trees. Last week we told you that this past Tuesday, the company was going to dedicate 100% of the profits generated by its searches to planting trees in areas damaged by the recent fires. And what was the result?

In total, the company will plant 5,000 trees in California and 7,500 trees in Australia with the profits generated. In addition, the rest of the profits will go to help the Brazilian firefighters who are fighting to protect the more than 320,000 trees in the Atlantic forest.

If you want to continue helping to replant the planet, all you have to do is use Ecosia in your browser.

Forza Motorsport 7 comes to an end

Do you like racing video games? Then surely you know the Forza saga. This racing saga is part of Microsoft’s heavyweights, both for Xbox and PC. This saga has several editions, among which we can highlight the Horizon, which takes us to a more open world, more arcade, and with more game modes, and Motorsport, focused mainly on circuits.

Microsoft has reported a few hours ago that the latest version of Forza Motorsport, the 7th, will be unavailable in mid-September. And, when we say that it will no longer be available, it is that it will disappear completely, even from the Microsoft Store itself. From September 15 it will be impossible to buy this game for PC.

Forza MotorSport 7

Therefore, if you like circuit racing games, and you don’t want to miss one of the best of the generation, then you can take advantage of that date to buy it. And, in that case, it will be yours forever. In addition, Microsoft has lowered it in its last days, being able to buy the base edition for 10 euros, the Deluxe for 12 and the Ultimate for 20. In addition, by having Play AnywhereBuying it for one platform (Xbox or PC) will allow us to play it from the other without having to pay again.

Forza Motorsport 7 Standard Edition
Forza Motorsport 7 Standard Edition

Developer: Microsoft Studios

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