All the actresses who have played Cruella de Vil in movies and series

The pioneer and the original. American actress Betty Lou Gerson voiced the unforgettable character from the classic film 1961. It is also the first adaptation to be made of the novel and Gerson received the Disney Legend Award in 1996 for his entire career.

Before Cruella, she had been the narrator of the film Cinderella 1950. Later, he would also act, with voice and body, in Mary Poppins (1964) and, curiously, in the horror movie The fly. Not in the unforgettable 80s with Jeff Goldblum under Cronenberg and his fetishes, but in the first version from 1958.

2. Glenn Close, the most glamorous Cruella

Glenn Close as Cruela de Vil

It would take 35 years for another actress to don Cruella’s coats, but it was worth it. Glenn close was the actress in charge of bringing it to life in the first film adaptation 101 Dalmatians to real image.

His performance was so celebrated that it turned out nominated for best actress at the Golden GlobesBut he did not win, which is in addition to his eight Oscar nominations, of which he has not won any so far.

An injustice, but at least the movie was a success for Disney. So much so that four years later Close would reprise the role of Cruella in the sequel.: 102 dalmatians.

3. April Winchell, Disney’s best known voice

April Winchell is the voice of Cruella

April Winchell is the third actress to play Cruella of Vil. Or rather, she gave voice only, since she was in charge of doubling the villain in 101 Dalmatians: The Series. It was the first adaptation of the story made for television and aired in the late 1990s.

Winchell is probably the voice Americans have heard the most in Disney productions, since he has played hundreds of roles in many series and animated films, inaugurating his record with the great and disturbing Who cheated on roger rabbit?

4. Susanne Blakeslee, Cruella’s most common voice

Susanne Cruella de Vil

We continue with voice actresses who lend their voice to Cruella de Vil. In this case, Susanne Blakeslee is one of the actresses who has done the most of Cruellaas it is the voice official of the evil one since 2001.

Animated films, series, video games and everything for which Cruella de Vil needs a voice and is minimally modern, is usually done by this actress.

5. Wendy Raquel Robinson, the first Cruella of color

Wendy Robinson the First Black Cruella

Robinson she was the first black actress to bring the role to life on Descendants, a 2015 television movie produced by the Disney Channel.

The truth is that, although not much is known here, the movie was a success tremendous, with an audience of more than six and a half million viewers in the United States when it first aired.

In fact, it was so popular that even had two sequels and a spin-off animated.

6. Victoria Smurfit, the Cruella from Once Upon a Time

Victoria Smurfit the Cruella from Once Upon a Time

Victoria Smurfit has the honor of embodying Cruella in one of the most curious and unknown appearances of this evil fashion icon, especially if you have not seen this series or do not know what it is about.

Cruella de Vil appeared as a character in Once upon a time, whose main premise is to mix the folklore of fairy tales, and their fantastic characters, with current reality.

As a curiosity, she was not the only Disney villain to go through the series. The wicked Ursula of The little Mermaid and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty They also appeared as flesh and blood characters in other episodes.

7. Michelle Gomez, return to animation

Michelle Gomez Cruella de Vil

Michelle Gomez is a Scottish actress who voiced Cruella de Vil in 2019, in the series 101 dalmatians street, a British production.

This story is set almost 60 years after the original film. In it, all the Dalmatians have a name that begins with the letter D and live unsupervised in a large house of a billionaire who has gone to live on an island.

The name of that rich woman? Dodie Smith, in honor of the author of the original novel.

8. Emma Stone, the last Cruella

Emma Stone is the last Cruella

The Cruella de Vil’s latest incarnation looks like Emma Stone and it is very recent.

Released in May 2021, Cruella is a story focused on the origins of the villain, in the vein of other Disney hits of this type, such as the Maleficent by Angelina Jolie.

In it, we immerse ourselves in the history of Estella Miller, a girl gifted for fashion, but with a cruel side, which leads her mother to nickname her Cruella. Once again, Disney’s obsession to explain the origin of the names of its characters, which no one has asked of it and takes away all the aura of enigma and mystery that they have. Does anyone remember the scene from the movie Only? I guess not, because I must have been one of the only three people in the world who suffered it, unfortunately.

The film focuses on a young Cruella and has little to do with the original story, but yes, Disney always has to put a post-credits scene. In her, Cruella gives Roger and Anita two Dalmatians named Put and Lost, thus linking with the movie that started it all.

As you can see, up to 8 women have given body, life or voice to Cruella de Vil in many series and movies. We don’t want to play favorites here (it’s Glenn Close), so it’s up to you to decide who you think has best embodied the villain’s style evil.

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