All the details you may not have seen in the Doctor Strange trailer

As expected, the Super Bowl LVI that was held last morning from February 13 to 14 left us a good number of movie trailers and television series. And in the case of the former, that of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” stands out, who with his second video go a little further in some of the plots that we can enjoy in theaters from May 6.

The multiverse has gone mad

We are all clear that the multiverse has been unleashed. Since what happened in the last chapters of the series of Loki, the Marvel universe has taken a brutal turn in which dozens of plot branches will begin to mix that were either closed, or were waiting to be revived in an instant like the one that promises us that it will arrive with the second Doctor Strange movie (Strange for a somewhat more cart).

The fact is that if you have seen this second trailer, it is very possible that you have missed some things, not so much because you are unaware of the twists and turns of the plot and lore of the Marvel universe, as well as the speed with which the images follow one another and that make it very difficult to know what we are seeing. So We are going to reveal some secrets that have become evident over the hours.

Wong, Illuminatis, Scarlet Witch, Professor X…

Although Loki It is clear that the multiverse is unleashed, it is even more so with what happened in Spider-Man No Way Home where the famous spell that tries to make humanity forget who Peter Parker is fails. Wong, as you will remember, warns him of the danger of using it. Well, in this second trailer it is possible to see the monk scold Doctor Strange for what he has messed up. And reason is not lacking.

It also seems that the Illuminati will be in this new film and in the trailer they are not seen as such, although there are moments in which it seems that they could be crouching there: especially when Baron Mordo appears to stop Strange. That’s when a voice is heard saying “We should tell him the truth.” Certainly one of the biggest cliffhangers of the entire video.

Professor X is another one who seems to have a place in the new movie. Played by Patrick Stewart in Fox productions in the early 2000s, his arrival in the Marvel universe would be the starting signal for the X-Men to finally get that deserved spot that all fans expect them to occupy in the next years.

Wanda fights The Scarlet Witch.

Variants and more variants

Special mention deserve the variants of the protagonists. That Scarlet Witch was going to be in the movie had been known since the end of Wandavisionbut with the arrival of this trailer it is evident that we will have clashes between different versions of the same character Because of the multiverse. in the purest style Street Fighter 2we will live a Wanda Maximoff vs. Scarlet Witch, or a Doctor Strange vs. Defender Strange.

The truth is that the unknowns are high because in the case of Wanda, her status as a Nexo character makes it difficult to imagine how is it possible that she faces a different version of herself, but therein lies the magic of the open door around the multiverse: we can expect just about anything as long as it has a reasonable explanation (Tom Cruise’s Ironman and all). Hence, the trailer has also left us clues of the presence of Captain Marvel or the avenging America Chavez (Does Miss America sound familiar to you?).

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