All the Dune funkos you can find

At this point, I no longer believe that anyone will be left without at least one funko, nor anything that has not been done funkos. The recent movie Dune de Villeneuve has rekindled interest in the novel saga and, in addition to having a second part, we also have a line of these famous dolls that has turned out quite well.

The funkos of the Dune de Villeneuve

That the last movie of Dune It has perfectly captured the universe of the book, it is unquestionable. That the line funkos What they have done about it has captured the essence of the characters, too. Let’s see what there is.

The Paul Atreides funko, of course

We start, obviously, with the great protagonist. Timothée Chalamet is the actor in fashion, so he already has his funko and we can have him. The truth is that they have captured the essence well.

There is also a version with stillsuit and dress uniform if you look well, although the first was limited edition and is difficult to see.

Chani, Zendaya made funko

Although we have hardly seen Chani in the first part of Dune, played by Zendaya, with her funko we can solve that. With blue eyes fremen well featured, here is Paul’s future companion (oops, spoileralthough it was obvious from what we saw in the movie).

Baron Harkonnen

The very bad bad guy, who causes terror and disgust in equal measure. The truth is that the funko It may not reflect the full magnificence of the baron (and by magnificence we mean his horrible and impressive looks), but it looks gorgeous and cute. Mono, a concept that does not usually accompany the word Harkonnen.

Duke Leto Atreides funko

Oscar Isaac plays Paul’s father, the noble Duke Leto Atreides. Of course, the regal beard and warrior bearing they have nailed it.

There are more characters, but they are somewhat more difficult to find at this point, because they have been quite successful. However, if you are lucky, you can also have Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho, or Jessica Atreides, Paul’s mother. But, as a curiosity, you have another option in terms of funkos from Dune,

The funkos of the Dune by David Lynch

Yes, we know, not even Lynch himself wants to hear about his movie. But in a way it’s a film from worship (whatever that means) and the appearance of some of his characters has become classic.

Therefore, you also have funkos based on the vision you had for your movie Dune from the year 84. They are more difficult to find, but it is worth reviewing the most legendary couple.

The funko of Paul Atreides and Kyle Maclachlan

Agent Cooper from Twin peaks he was the first Paul Atreides on the big screen. And it has its funko. It is not as easy to buy as Timothée’s, but it reflects the character very well.

Feyd Rautha’s funko

Feyd Rautha is a dangerous member of the Harkonnen family that we have not yet had a chance to see in the new saga shot by Villeneuve. Although it seems that we can see it in the second part, we have the opportunity to revisit the funko based on the character played by none other than Sting in 84.

Yes, the true version top It is this other one, more difficult to find and that only wears the infamous loincloth from the film.

Funko Sting Feyd Rautha

Without a doubt, much better, where it ends up, you will see if it captures the essence of the film.

Sting in Dune, by David Lynch

So you know, if you were thinking of funkos from Dune, options are not lacking for all tastes.

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