All the GOTY of The Game Awards (the video game Oscars)

The best games of the year

As we say, throughout all these years many prizes have been awarded: magazines, websites and the media in general, above all, which at this time have been the ones that have named the best of the year although we could not consider them as the canon to mark his name with gold letters for posterity. Luckily, since 2014, the ineffable Geoff Keighley has taken command and had the wisdom to create in one of the meccas of video games (the West Coast of the USA, where E3 is held) a contest that aspired to be the reference of the sector throughout the world. And quite some time later, we can say that he has achieved it.

What are the GOTY? And The Game Awards?

So The Game Awards have become a must every December of each year, through a gala that has always been face-to-face and has been held on stages such as The AXIS in Las Vegas, the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles or, in 2020, virtually thanks to a canned video (effectively, because of the pandemic) of those that became fashionable by some companies in the sector. There you have the State of Play, Nintendo Direct, etc.

So if you think so, we are going to start an article in which, periodically, we are going to bring together all the winners that The Game Awards are proclaiming as best of the year (GOTY)thus leaving a small review for posterity of those titles that marked, in some way, each of the generations of consoles that we enjoy.

Here they are, these are the best games of each yearsince The Game Awards gives the award:

GOTY 2014: Dragon Age Inquisition

After a first Dragon Age splendid and a much more discreet second part, Bioware rediscovered success with this game that was openly flirting with a kind of more open world where we could do a lot more things in any order we wanted. The American RPG formula was also improving and proof of this success is that The Game Awards named it as the best of that 2014. Do you think it was successful?

GOTY 2015: The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

what to say about one of the great games of the last decade, which has appeared for all imaginable consoles (including Nintendo Switch), with extra DLC, improved versions in complete collections and adapted to PS5 and Xbox Series X | S to improve its graphic performance. In addition, no one doubts that he has a guaranteed future between series on Netflix and sequels that will still take time to arrive. The adventures of Geralt de Rivia were awarded in 2015 like the undisputed GOTY. Few doubts about the success of the award, do not you think?

GOTY 2016: Overwatch

Blizzard’s entry into the competitive FPS genre was a news that revolutionized the sector. so much that the wait until its premiere was dressed in a hype never seen and it may be that, for that reason, he ended up winning a The Games Award that many still have not understood today. It is a great game, very well designed and embodied, with a scenes typical of eSports but that, seen with the perspective of the years, surely proclaiming him GOTY would be excessive, right?

GOTY 2017: The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

In the year of the launch of the Nintendo Switch there was a game that swept all others. It didn’t matter who showed up at The Game Awards who had everything to lose because if there is a perfect game in recent years, that is it The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild from Nintendo. We are not going to say unanimously, but an overwhelming majority agrees with this GOTY.

GOTY 2018: God of War

Santa Monica Studios was responsible for this reboot of god of ward for PS4 and the truth is that the success was capital. This 2018 GOTY was a bestsellerhas a PC version and a sequel is already being prepared that, hopefully, will reach us in 2023 with god of war ragnarok. This award is also indisputable and one of the most deserved that have been awarded in the short history of The Game Awards.

GOTY 2019: Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

FromSoftware,Japanese, they had their moment of world recognition with this game which is one of the best in recent years. A deserved GOTY and of which little can be said except that if you haven’t played it, do so: intense combat and an oriental setting of those that are appreciated when it comes to immersing ourselves in an adventure with such epic overtones.

GOTY 2020: The Last of Us Part II

If we talk about hypewe talk about The Last of Us Part II. One of the most anticipated PlayStation exclusives that finally landed in the middle of a pandemic year, forcing Sony to delay its launch a bit. The adventures of Joel and Ellie have a continuation and are so superb that they deserved the GOTY award at The Game Awards. Do you think it’s deserved?

GOTY 2021: It Takes Two

Surely it is one of the most controversial GOTY awarded by The Game Awards since they exist because the day after the election, the networks burned without understanding why this cooperative title, the work of the famous Josef Fares, could compete against other weighty names. But it is true that, far from what you think, it is difficult to find anyone who, having played it, does not say that it is wonderful: for history, for general approach and for fun. Which also counts.

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