All the premieres that you will enjoy this week on Netflix and Amazon Prime

Netflix premieres of the week

The premieres that reach the red N are as follows.

Monday October 4

The news starts today with the arrival of new episodes On my block. You have 10 chapters ahead of you belonging to the fourth season of this series set in a Los Angeles neighborhood.

Tuesday, October 5

Now that Korean series and movies are playing loudly again thanks to The Squid GameYou might want to broaden Asian horizons and give this Thai production a try. I remember you arrives with its season 1 to present us a police story about a couple of detectives.

If you like interactive Netflix titles, we now have a new one in the catalog. Is about Escape from the Undertaker, in which you will have to help the New Day to survive in the gloomy Undertaker’s mansion.

Wednesday 6th October

Wednesday is characterized by the arrival of a good number of proposals. On the one hand, in the series segment we have The revenge of the juanas, a Mexican production about 5 women with the same birthmark who will set out to unravel the truth about their pasts.

Then the films add the following proposals to their list:

  • Is there someone in your house: a youth horror film
  • The carabiniers: French film
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Black and blue
  • Bitter silence: 1960s movie

If you like documentaries, know that you will also have at hand Sport and foul play, on world scandals in sports ,. And if yours with reality shows, you should also be aware of Sweet engineering, about the creation of incredible edible works resulting from the collaboration of pastry chefs and engineers.

Thursday October 7

Thursday is not far behind in that of contributing new proposals with the arrival of the series in full of Mr. Robot, season 1 of the Japanese comedy The ingenuity of the householder; the premiere of the german The code that was worth millions and the new anime episodes From yakuza to householder.

The masked singles reality show Sexy to the beast premieres second season while Love is Blind Brasil does the same with new episodes of this blind dating show.

Friday October 8

Fridays are always days of many premieres and this time it was not going to be an exception. The sitcom Much more than ready premieres with its first season (about a very intellectual girl who discovers everything her has to learn when she moves in with her cheerful sister) as season 3 (the last!) of the French series arrives Family Business.

The little ones will also be able to enjoy the children’s series A Blood Red Smile: Tales of the Brothers Grimm as well as the movie Pokémon: Secrets of the Jungle.

You can also watch the Italian drama My brother, my sister; south african drama Angeliena; and the turkish police Resentment. In addition, it is released The House of Secrets: Death in Burari, about the mysterious death of 11 members of the same family in Delhi, and The spokeswoman, about Maria de Jesús Patricia, the first indigenous woman to run for the presidency of Mexico.

Saturday October 9

The first episode of Blue Period will land on Saturday, in which Yatora Yagushi, a teenager unmotivated with everything, immerses himself in the world of art after being inspired by a painting.

Sunday October 10

Until Sunday we have arrivals with the premiere of two Belgian films (the period film Sight; the one based on LGBTQ theme Het sacrament) and a documentary about Anne Frank’s impact on the world called The Magic of the Diary of Anne Frank.

Premieres of the week on Amazon Prime Video

Unlike other times, in which the Prime Video premieres hardly have any news, this time we have a good number of titles that reach the catalog.

Wednesday 6th October

On Wednesday there are no premieres but you can find on the platform a specific catalog of films to celebrate Spanish Cinema Day with titles such as Regrettable Stories, Father there is only one and Father there is only one 2, The snail house or The summer that we live.

Thursday October 7

You have to wait until Thursday 7 to start finding the news of the platform. That day we have only one addition: season number 4 of the popular series Mr. Robot.

Friday October 8

On October 1, Amazon released two of the four thrillers co-produced with Blumhouse. Now it is the turn of the other two remaining, with Mothers and The Manor.

Saturday October 9

Three new proposals arrive on Saturday 9 for your enjoyment. We mean the famous Men in Black: International, the biographical Rocketman (about Elton John) and the newly produced A mad man among us.

Sunday October 10

On Sunday you are going to close it in style with Ad astra, a science fiction film about an astronaut, Roy McBride (Brad Pitt), who travels to the outer limits of the solar system to find his lost father and solve a mystery that threatens the survival of our planet.

If you prefer another type of story, you have The invisible man, in which Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) begins to be harassed by someone or something after the alleged suicide of her abusive ex-husband.

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