All the premieres that you will see this week on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon

Thursday 6th January

Did you get hooked on turkish drama Club Istanbul? Then you have to know that Part 2 arrives on Thursday, January 6, so that you can enjoy it after opening the gifts of Kings. Also on Thursday it opens Uncle drew, a comedy that basketball fans will especially enjoy.

The “fat” launch of the day (and the week) for the company however is The moor, director David Casademunt’s debut feature, starring Inma Cuesta, Roberto Álamo and Asier Flores. In it, the quiet life of a family that lives isolated from society is disturbed by a terrifying creature who will put the ties that bind them to the test.

Friday january 7

The surprises end on Friday with Hype House, a reality show about young stars of social networks; and with the science fiction movie Mother / Android, about a post-apocalyptic world threatened by an android invasion in which a young pregnant woman and her partner seek a safe place to protect themselves.

HBO Max Premieres of the Week

Here we reveal the news of the week on HBO Max.

Tuesday, january 4

Tomorrow Tuesday you can enjoy The promise, a 2016 film starring Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon, and Christian Bale. With it, you will transport yourself to the last days of the Ottoman Empire, and you will learn the story of a love triangle between Michael, a medical student, the sophisticated Ana, and Chris, a renowned American journalist based in Paris.

Wednesday 5 January

The new protagonist of the Acoustic Home It will be Ana Mena, with a chapter that will arrive on Wednesday. Also on that day, season 1 of Game shakers as well as episode 1 of T1 of The cleaning girl.

The followers of Selena + Chef you can also enjoy chapter 6 of its third season.

Thursday 6th January

The sixth episode of the continuation of Sex on New York, And just like that …, arrives on Thursday, along with the first four of Hacks, the second of the T3 of The Dog House and the fifth of T4 of Claws.

Friday january 7

HBO has saved its fair share of titles for the weekend. On Friday you will have two new episodes of Station Eleven, from B-Positive and the premiere of Kung Fu Panda, the hurt Locker, The fog Y A story of revenge.

Saturday January 8

On Saturday you can enjoy Driven: the origin of the legend, The rider, Winchester Y The dressmaker.

Sunday January 9

Finally on Sunday you will also be entertained with a new chapter of Come on Juan and with one more episode of Blade Runner: The Black Lotus.

Premieres of the week on Amazon Prime Video

These are the news that land in the Amazon catalog this week.

Monday January 3

Today the continuation of the famous and controversial After saga opens. All fans of the novels (and movies) can continue to see how life goes to Tessa and Hardin in their eternal toxic relationship in After: Lost Souls.

Wednesday 5 January

We make the leap to Wednesday to laugh for a while with Garcia and Garcia, a Spanish film directed by Ana Murugarren, with José Mota and Pepe Viyuela, who will be confused on a business trip for having the same name.

Friday january 7

The last proposal of the week on Amazon is The tender bar, a film released just two weeks ago in theaters and now in the catalog with Ben Affleck, Tye Sheridan and Daniel Ranieri as protagonists In it we will meet a boy from Long Island who looks for different father figures among the customers who enter the bar of your uncle. Directed by George Clooney.

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