All the rumors about the Apple Watch Pro

Apple WatchPro

There are many rumors circulating about a new Apple Watch model that will appear this September along with the new range Series 8 of this year. And we all know that when the river sounds, water carries.

Some leaks that may intentionally come out of Apple itself, since we all know that if Cupertino wants to launch something without prior knowledge, they do it and not even God knows. Do you remember, for example, when Federighi introduced us to the Apple Silicon project?

The current range of the Apple Watch could be expanded this year with a new model, which for the moment we have baptized it as Apple WatchPro. It is rumored that this new Apple Watch will have a new design different from the 8 series, a longer battery life and greater durability. Designed for extreme sports. Let’s see what has been rumored to date about this new Apple Watch Pro.

Exterior design

Mark Gurman has explained on his Bloomberg blog that the Apple Watch Pro will visually differentiate itself from the rest of the new Apple Watch Series 8 with a new exterior design. It ensures that it will not have flat sides as has been rumored until now, but at first glance the differences in the new design will be noticeable.

He has also assured us that said differential design does not at all imply that it has a circular shape. It completely rules out that we see in September a Round Apple Watch.


Gurman assures that the sporty Apple Watch will not be circular.

An important difference will be the material of the casing. Currently, the Apple Watch is available in aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. According to Gurman, the Apple Watch Pro will have a more durable titanium alloyin order to make it as resistant as possible.


The Apple Watch Pro will also be slightly larger than the current Apple Watch models, and those in the future Series 8. The Apple Watch Series 7 is available in 41mm and 45mm sizes. Those sizes refer to the physical size of the Apple Watch case, not the size of the screen. According to Gurmann, the case of the Apple Watch Pro will be more than 45 mm and it could be big enough that it only attracts a certain type of user.

And since it will have a larger case, the Apple Watch Pro will also have a bigger screen. The screen is rumored to be about 7% larger than the current Apple Watch Series 7, with a resolution of about 410 pixels by 502 pixels.


If the case is bigger, and its screen too, we are sure that your battery will also grow, in the same proportion. Gurman believes the Apple Watch Pro could last for several days on a single charge through a new low-power mode.

According to his report, a new low power mode on the Apple Watch would allow users to continue using the watch’s apps and features without consuming too much power. Apple can reduce power consumption by pausing background activities, reducing screen brightness, and limiting other features like it does with low power mode on the iPhone or Mac, for example.


Like the Apple Watch Series 8, this new Apple Watch Pro is expected to incorporate a sensor for measure body temperature. The Apple Watch will not be able to give you an exact measurement of your body temperature, as if it were a digital thermometer, but it will send you an alert when it detects that your temperature is above normal. It will be a warning for you to take your temperature with a traditional thermometer.


This year’s Apple Watch will most likely warn you if you have a fever.

There were other rumors pointing to new features like the blood pressure monitoring waves blood glucose measurements. At this time, these features are not expected to launch with this year’s Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch Pro.

As for the processor, the Apple Watch Pro will mount a “new” S8 processor. It appears that this chip will offer similar performance to the S7 chip in the current Apple Watch Series 7. This means that we shouldn’t expect any major performance gains with this year’s updates. It is also not necessary.


Various names are speculated for this new Apple Watch model. The most traditional within the company, emulating the rest of the devices, would be Apple WatchPro. But being larger than the rest of the range, it could also be called apple watchmax. A third option, seeing what type of users and athletes it is aimed at, would be Apple Watch Extreme.

In any case, these are all rumours, and until we see it in the next Apple keynote in September, we won’t know for sure what it will be like, or what it will be called. The only thing I can assure you right now is that it won’t be cheap.

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