All the Spider-Man villains who tried to finish him off

He was played by Willem Dafoe, who played a man with a somewhat deranged profile who ended up trying to take down Spider-Man on several occasions. After the fictional death of the character, his son in these films took over. This role was that of Harry Osborm, played by James Franco.

Doctor Octopus

In the second movie, Spider-man 2, we were able to meet another enemy of Spider-Man well known to all: the Doctor Octopus. It was another madman who had managed to attach a structure with 4 robotic arms that served as a tool for attack and defense against Spider-Man. The most curious thing of all with this villain is that he is the only one that Spider-Man has not yet managed to defeat on any occasion.


A little later, upon reaching Spider-man 3, we saw for the first time Venom. In the first place, the symbiote from outer space managed to infect our friend Spider-Man. But, after getting rid of him, he possessed Eddie Brock Jr. who is what we now know as this monster with very bad ideas who later had his own solo movie.


In the same movie of Spider-man 3 Marvel presented us with the figure of Sandman (Sandman). A former inmate who was trapped in a nuclear accident that fused all his cells with sand, giving him the power to manipulate her at will and take a multitude of forms with her.


In the movie of The Amazing Spider-Man We had a chance to meet another villain trying to wipe out Spider-Man. This is Lizard, who was really called Dr. Curt Connors until he injected a serum with reptilian DNA to try to get his arm back, but it didn’t turn out as he expected. This serum ended up turning him into a giant semi-human lizard with enormous strength, astonishing speed and agility.


Surely Electro be an enemy of Spider-Man that sounds quite familiar to you. You know, that being made of pure energy capable of striking you down just by touching you. We met him in in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, his role being played by the well-known actor Jamie Foxx.


The movie of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 He also had room to introduce us to Rhino. This villain is known for being a man who wears a rhinoceros-shaped armor, which endows him with superhuman strength. The appearance of this is not that it is stellar, but it is one of the enemies that has managed to make the leap from comics to the big screen.

The vulture

On the other hand, another enemy that of the spider man that many enjoyed in the comics was The vulture. This appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming while Peter Parker tried to balance his life as a student while dealing with the attacks of this enemy. And, the truth is that with those metallic wings and those robotic claws he did not make it easy at all.


The villain known as Mysterio knew how to play his cards to fool us all, including the young spider-man in Spider-Man: Far From Home. This enemy is not especially strong, but his true power lies in intelligence and in his ability to create illusions and deceive the senses of others.

Spider-Man enemies in the comics

Having seen all those villains present in the spider-man movies, now it’s time to review those who fought against him in the comics. And who knows, maybe one of them will soon make an appearance in the films.


The first of the villains from the Spider-Man comics that we want to introduce to you is Chameleon. This made an appearance for the first time in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 # 1.

Dmitri Smerdyakov, who is his real name, was a boy with a complicated childhood who grew up with a stepbrother who mistreated him but for whom he had a lot of respect. As he grew older he became a criminal whose powers consisted in being able to transform into any kind of quasi-human form, thus supplanting his identity perfectly. He put Spider-Man in a lot of trouble, like, for example, being accused of stealing American secrets that he didn’t really do.


Another fairly well-known enemy of Spider-Man is Kingpin. An ultra-burly man known for being the king of crime in New York. This character came to the comics in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 # 50.

This ultra-muscular man became well known, in addition to Spider-Man, for appearing in the adventures of other superheroes, such as Daredevil.


The character of The jackal is another one of those popular science errors in the spider-man plot. We met him in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 # 3 as Miles Warren, a scientist specializing in genetics who experimented for many years creating hybrids of animals and humans. One of his monsters escaped, murdering his family and revealing the atrocity this man had created.

Trying to escape his past, he moved to another city and began another life as a biology professor who, precisely, taught Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy at the university. He fell in love with Gwen in a strange way and, after her death, blamed everything on Spider-Man and vowed revenge.

To do this, he chose to modify his DNA, finally becoming El Chacal: a half-wolf half-man with super speed, strength, heightened senses and regeneration.

Kraven the hunter

Kraven was precisely that stepbrother who gave the Chameleon a difficult childhood. Kraven the Hunter, which was the full name he took in the comics, first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 # 15.

Son of an empowered family that little by little was losing everything he had, he had to remedy this by dedicating himself to hunting big game. But, the strange thing about it is that this hunter had a strange code of not using firearms in any situation.

Later, by taking a potion provided by a sorcerer, he acquired powers such as strength and enhanced senses in order to better develop his work as a hunter. The problem arose when he decided to go for more complicated trophies like Spider-Man himself.


Another known baddie (never better said) from Spider-Man is Morlum. He first came into the life of our arachnid friend in Amazing Spiderman Vol. 2, # 30 with the heirs. These are vampiric creatures that feed on Spider-Man’s arachnid power.


The Scorpion is another scientist who, like Spider-Man, received a sting from an altered scorpion, giving him superhuman strength. The difference is that he was later provided with a suit and weaponry with the theme of the animal that had bitten him.


Venom wasn’t the only symbiote going after Spider-Man. On the other hand was Slaughter, a fusion between Cletus Kasady (hit man) and a descendant of Venom. This was found by Spider-Man in Secret wars.


Last but not least, we have Concussive, Impact or Shocker, which was known by all these names. One of the great enemies of Spider-Man who first appeared in The Amazing Spiderman No. 6.

With a childhood that seemed promising, his path was cut short as he used his intelligence and skills to dedicate himself to robbing safes. At the time he was imprisoned and, inside the prison, he developed special gloves capable of launching high frequency waves, air blasts and seismic waves. Something that, of course, he used to escape. Just at that moment he took the name Shocker to carry out his crimes.

These are the main villains that Spider-Man faced. Do you miss anyone?

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