All these Amazon products are on sale, which one do you want?

The amazon product catalog is getting bigger, and as the months go by it is quite difficult not to fall for any of the offers presented by the giant. On this occasion, it seems that they are willing to throw the house out the window, since they have applied great discounts to a large number of devices with the brand’s seal.

A Fire TV for each type of user

On the one hand, we have the versatile and essential fire tv stick, which come with discounts of up to 42% on some models. For example, him Fire TV Stick 4K Max go down to the €39.99Meanwhile he Fire TV Stick 4K gets into some more than interesting €34.99 with its 42% discount.

If you want something more powerful and striking you can get the Fire TV Cube for 79.99 euros, a price that is quite surprising if we take into account that it is usually 119 euros. Remember that with this Fire TV you can control an infrared device, in addition to enjoying 4K resolution with HDR, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision support.

Finally, if what you are looking for is the simplest and easiest thing in the world, you can buy the Fire TV Stick for only 24.99 eurosa price that basically becomes a must buy.

How about a smart speaker?

How could it be otherwise, the Amazon Echo smart speakers are not spared from this rain of discounts either. We can find both echo models basics of current and previous generations such as 5-inch and 8-inch Echo Show in different versions.

Kindle at the best price

Kindle Comic Maker

The world’s best-selling e-book reader drops to €74.99, and although it is not the lowest price it has had, it is still a good offer. On the other hand, we will also find the new Kindle Paperwhite with 6.8-inch screen and adjustable warm light €114.99this time yes, the best price the product has had since its launch.

Better home WiFi network with eero Mesh

Problems at home with wireless connectivity? A eero mesh system it’s just what you need. These devices are responsible for creating a mesh network so that there are no blind spots in your home. In addition, its installation is completely easy, so you will only have to plug them in and connect them to the network so that everything starts working immediately.

Depending on your needs (and the size of your home), you will need more or fewer devices, so plan your installation well and take advantage of the offers of all these discounted packs.

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