All these superheroes have a series or movie on Netflix

Marvel superheroes who disappeared from Netflix

You may not remember or even know it, but there was a time when Marvel and Netflix got along really well. TO late 2013 both signed a project together in which their paths crossed to bring to the mass public (taking advantage of the popularity of the big red N) the Marvel supers and even new stories in the most popular format of the moment: the TV series.

It all started quite well with the arrival of titles like Jessica jones or Daredevil, series that many of us enjoy enormously. But of course, the thing began to deflate little by little with content like Luke cage, Iron fist Y The Defensers. And though The punisher raised hopes for this serial content, shortly after all future releases began to be canceled to confirm that Marvel and Netflix broke their agreement to work together.

Although it seemed that everything pointed to the low audience numbers, together with the high production costs of these series for Netflix, shortly afterwards the real reason for all this became quite clear with the rumors about the Disney + arrival.

Soon after, much of the company’s proprietary superhero content under the Disney umbrella simply vanished from the red N platform, as if it were Thanos’ snap. But, even so, there is still a lot of high-quality content about superheroes that we can enjoy on Netflix, which is just what we show you in the following sections.

Superhero Movies on Netflix

First of all, we want to review those super-themed movies that you can find through the big red N platform.



If you are not very aware of what is behind the scenes (especially at the business level) of Marvel, you may find it strange to find the films of Spider-man on Netflix and not on Disney +. And it is that, due to an agreement between Marvel and Sony for the copyright of this character, it is not yet possible that all the titles about him can be seen on the Disney platform along with the rest of the Marvel movies and series.

This famous spider hero has been involved in endless adventures since (SPOILER ALERT) was bitten by that spider in a laboratory. We have seen him fight against the crazy Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, the scorpion or Venom, among many others. Or even teaming up with the Avengers led by Tony Stark.

In short, an endless number of adventures that are reflected in his films that, for the moment, you can continue to see through the platform of the big red N. We leave you below all the trailers, in order of premiere, in case you want to take a look at them before watching them on Netflix.

Hombre de Hierro

Another of the great installments about superheroes that we can see through Netflix is ​​the first iron man movie. This title was created at the time when both companies were part of a team and, therefore, it still “suffers” from the agreement between them. So if you want to immerse yourself in the history of one of the most popular Marvel characters, you can do them through Netflix.

The incredible Hulk

And more of the same is what we can see what happens with The incredible Hulk. A story that introduced this green giant to the MCU, although it is not until the post-credits scene when it happens, and that seems more what happens to the character after becoming the Hulk. Of course, do not be surprised when you see that the actor who plays the character in this installment is not the same from the first Hulk movie, nor the one we later see in Avengers.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

A somewhat different “superhero” within the Marvel team is the Ghost Rider. It is curious that, through Netflix, we can see the second installment of this saga, which bears the title of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

This biker named Johnny Blaze tries to control his desire for revenge by moving away from everyone around him. But, to his “misfortune”, he ends up being located by a monk who requests his help to locate Nadya and her son Danny before Roarke, an enemy of this protagonist, finds them.

Superman, the man of steel

As you may be checking, the MCU superheroes are not the only ones who have a presence on the big red N platform. We can also see the movie of The Man of Steel, one of the best deliveries for many of Batman, through his service.

In this installment we are presented with the story of this well-known superhero who arrives from the planet Krypton. Since he was a child, he shows the presence of powers such as his superhuman strength. Then, as he reaches maturity, he comes to the conclusion that he has to use them under great responsibility and only to protect the world from potential threats.

Green Lantern

Another DC super whose movie we can still see Netflix is Green Lantern. Although it is not one of the most popular or the most acclaimed, you can have an entertaining time watching it.

Test pilot Hal Jordan is embroiled in an intergalactic adventure after encountering a dying alien who gives him his ring and power lantern. He will be forced to accept it and enlist in a mission to maintain peace in the universe.


Many don’t consider him a superhero at all because a character like Hancook he has earned his unpopularity with good. It is the story of a dissatisfied hero tormented by his powers and the life he has to live. It is true that he saves many people, but his “heroic” acts cause a great many catastrophes. Although one day he realizes that, perhaps, he is not as invulnerable as he thought he was.

LEGO and the vision of superheroes for the little ones

If you are aware of the publications of animated films you will know that LEGO is another of the companies that has chosen to create content related to these characters with powers. So much so that, through Netflix, our children (or ourselves, of course) will be able to enjoy several interesting movies such as:

  • LEGO Super Heroes – Maximum Overload
  • LEGO Avengers Reassembled!
  • LEGO Black Panther
  • LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy
  • LEGO Spider-man vexed by Venom
  • LEGO Batman signed

Superhero series on Netflix

Now is the turn to move on to the type of content that, for many, is king today: series. Let’s review those of this theme that you can see on Netflix.

The Umbrella Academy

The first superhero series we want to tell you about is The Umbrella Academy, although perhaps they are somewhat different from what we are used to. This is a Netflix original series.

It is about a family of 7 adopted children whose adoptive father formed what is known as The Umbrella Academy. Together they had to train to become heroes who saved the world but, with time, they separated. Each led their own lives until, after the death of their adoptive father, they come together again to try to figure out how he died.

Black lightning

On Netflix it seems that things go from super different to what we usually see. In this case, we want you to know the series of Black lightning in which a super retired named Jefferson, must put his suit back on to defend his loved ones from a new criminal gang that stalks them.

Jessica jones

As we told you at the beginning of this article, the series of Jessica jones It was one of the most popular of the time when Marvel and Netflix worked together.

This heroine who works as a private detective decides to use her powers to locate the cause of her traumatic past and, of course, prevent him from continuing to harm more people. If you want to know more about it, you will have to see the trailer that we leave you here above and, to continue, see the complete series on Netflix.


We do not need to repeat the phrase “different hero” when you know the story of Daredevil. It is about a superhero who lost his vision when he was young and, today, acts as a lawyer by day and, at night, protects the streets of New York. A bit in the style of Superman but without a cape and a little more martial arts.


Another series based on DC characters is Arrow, inspired by Green Arrow. It represents a billionaire Playboy who, at night, fights crime with his bow and arrows in order, as he shows us, to make amends for his past mistakes. Get ready for a lot of hours of content that you will be able to see in its 8 seasons through Netflix.


In case you didn’t know, the series of Gotham it’s a kind of prologue to the Batman character. Without anticipating many events, through all its chapters and seasons we can see how little Bruce Wayne is becoming the hero he will be in the future. But, around it, we will see different stories like that of the penguin and many other problems that arise in this dark city.


Once again, one of Netflix’s most popular superhero series is based on the well-known DC comics. In this case it is the series Titans, inspired by the Teen Titans stories.

After Robin, Batman’s partner, decides to act on his own, he forms a group of young people with powers and misfits. He will act as a mentor to this curious group and the one who will have to channel them to use their powers to save the world.

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