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The announcement of OpenAI’s Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT was, according to many experts, a milestone that will mark a before and after in technology, a technology that, for many years, had not received such an important boost. However, the data with which he had been trained they were limited to 2021, so it could not offer updated results. With the announcement of the ChatGPT plugins that problem is a thing of the past.

The ChatGPT plugins will not only allow updated information to be obtained from 2021, but they will also allow you to connect to specific websites to further expand the functionalities of this Artificial Intelligence. According to the company in the announcement of this new function, the plugins will be the eyes and ears of ChatGPT.

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We’ve added initial support for ChatGPT plugins — a protocol for developers to build tools for ChatGPT, with safety as a core design principle. Deploying iteratively (starting with a small number of users & developers) to learn from contact with reality:

March 23, 2023 • 18:02

In the video that the founder of OpenAI, Greg Brockman, has published, we can see an example of the functionality of these third-party plugins. If we ask ChatGPT about a particular recipe or meal, using the Instacart plugin, it will show all the ingredients that we are going to need to carry it out, ingredients that will automatically be added to instacart that will allow us to complete the order to receive it comfortably at home.

We can use different plugins together so that, for example, it shows us the total calories of all the ingredients that we are going to need with the plugin Wolfram Alpha or where we can eat that dish without having to prepare it in addition to reserving a table with OpenTable.

Plugins now available for ChatGPT

At the moment the plugins are available for a rsmall number of users and, at the time of its release, there are 13 plugins that allow you to connect ChatGPT to different platforms, some of them proprietary and others developed by third parties. There is nothing better than an example to understand how ChatGPT plugins work.


  • Expedia. With which we can organize our trips down to the smallest detail, what to see, what to do, where to go to eat among others.
  • ProsecutorNote. It offers real-time information to legal and regulatory information.
  • instacart. As we have seen in the video, it allows us to order online at our favorite store.
  • KAYAKING. Thanks to this plugin for ChatGPT, organizing our trip, including flights and hotels based on dates, will be a matter of minutes.
  • Klarna Shopping. To buy prices in online stores.
  • Milo Family AI. A plugin focused on families with children.
  • OpenTable. Platform where we can search and reserve a table in thousands of restaurants.
  • shop. To search for products from different brands and compare prices.
  • Speak. Ideal plugin to learn to pronounce in other languages.
  • Wolfram. The, we could say, Google of people who really know.
  • Zapier. Platform to connect platforms and services with each other.

In addition, there are also available two plugins created by OpenAI. The first is a browser that adds an internet connection to ChatGPT (something we could already do with some extensions) and the second is a code interpreter that uses Python.

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