All-time low: Sony 4K Smart TV with Android TV for € 400 less

It’s time to change the TV at home and when you know the offer that we have prepared for you today, you will understand why. Turns out that Amazon right now has in his shop window a brand new Sony Smart TV with Android TV with a discount of 400 euros. No more no less. This is the all-time low for a very attractive 55-inch model with 4K resolution that you should not miss. Run!

Discount for Sony Smart TV

Sony is undoubtedly one of the quintessential brands when it comes to televisions. Its models are very popular and its panels are among the best performing on the market. That is why when we find out about an offer on your equipment, we cannot do anything other than notify you and it is that thanks to it you can do with a great Smart TV at a great price more economical.

This is just the case that concerns us today. It turns out that the Sony XH90 / P is now on sale at Amazon, allowing its purchase at a price of only 799 euros. It is a price drop of no less than 400 euros (33% off), assuming its price all-time low.

To get it, you just have to click on these lines and make sure to put the 55 ″ model in your shopping cart before the offer ends. Is Sold and Shipped by Amazon so the expenses of Shipping are free. Monday can be at your house. Do not think about it!

Sony BRAVIA 4K with Android TV

Sony’s XH90 / P model is a very interesting piece of equipment to have at home. This television, with the size of 55 inches In the offer that we bring you today, enjoy a Full Array LED panel with 4K resolution, compatibility for HDR and X1 processor of the house.

Do not forget to bet on all kinds of flourishes image enhancement systems such as X-tended Dynamic Range, Triluminos or the X Motion Clarity and sound like the Acoustic Multi-Audio function (also enjoy Dolby Atmos).

At the design level, it is an air equipment minimalist and elegant, with a narrow aluminum bezel that is very attractive and at the same time barely noticeable.

Regarding its interface, we also have the presence of Android TV, which is another of the great attractions of this television. And it is that it is well known how easy and how this environment is, a very comfortable platform to use and through which to move, in which you will have access to the main already known services such as YouTube, HBO, Netflix …

In short, a round TV, with a key operating system to conquer, great performance and a perfect size for the vast majority of living rooms. What more can you ask?

Features Sony BRAVIA

  • 55 ″ 4K LED Full Array Display
  • HDR, Triluminos, X-Reality PRO, X-Motion Clarity
  • Android TV platform
  • Two front speakers with Dolby Atmos
  • Minimalist design
  • Support for Google Assistant

The link to this offer is part of our agreement with the Amazon Affiliate Program and you can earn us a small commission with your sale (without influencing the price you pay, of course). The decision to publish it, of course, has been taken freely, under editorial criteria, and without attending to suggestions or requests from the brands involved.

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