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For some time now, a good number of citizens in our country are waiting or have already received the help of 200 euros offered by the government for food. This benefit was approved at the end of last year and as of February 15, it was possible to start applying, as thousands of families did.

At this time, the period to request this aid focused on food has ended. Specifically ended the past March 30 and it is estimated that around 4 million families could benefit from all this. In fact, there are still many who are waiting to receive this amount in their bank accounts. This is something that could be carried out through a website enabled for this purpose. It can now be used to check the status of the request as such.

This was made available to us by the Tax Agency and we only need to authenticate ourselves digitally to take a look at the status of the request we made. We can use an electronic ID, a digital certificate or the Cl@ve method to achieve this, for example.

Of course, first of all, we must take into account that in order to receive those 200 euros we must meet a series of requirements. The applicant’s minimum annual income must be below the 27000 euros and must have a net worth of less than 75,000. The house in which we currently live does not count here. While many are still waiting to receive the commented amount, there are those who have already received it, and even spent it.

However, we must take into account what we are going to tell you about now so as not to have problems with the Tax agency in the near future.

How to avoid problems with the Treasury for the help of 200 euros

Most of you will already know first hand that annually, the date on which we find ourselves precisely at this moment, for a period of time we must prepare and present our statement of income. This is an obligation that a good part of the citizens in our country have so that this statement can be paid or returned.

Well then, if we focus on the aforementioned food aid that the government is proposing to us and that we have told you about, it will not affect the campaign of the Rent 2022. However, and to avoid problems with the Tax Agency, we must bear in mind that these 200 euros will have to be declared next year. Basically, this means that when the 2023 Income Tax campaign begins, approximately around this time next year, in our statement we will have to include this income for the help.

It is to be expected that the Treasury will be very attentive to all of this, so, even if it is not a large amount of money, we will have to declare it anyway. Otherwise we could be investigated by the Tax Agency with the consequent penalty if we do not carry out this movement. This is something that we will have to include ourselves if we make our declaration by hand, or notify the agency correspondent; and even to the Tax Agency itself if necessary.

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