Alleged Silent Hill “fans” threaten the creators of the video game Abandoned with death

Abandoned is a new psychological horror video game that awaits its arrival sometime in 2021, however, since its inception, the developer studio in charge, Blue Box, took advantage of the “Hype” of its announcement to arouse interest among the community, making believe that it could be a new video game of Silent Hill.

However, a short time later, at a PlayStation 5 event, the news was released that this acclaimed installment was not a video game linked to Hideo kojima, It had simply been a marketing strategy discarding any possibility and relationship of a new delivery of the franchise of Konami.

Faced with a significant increase in fan enthusiasm, developer Blue Blox had to go out to clarify the situation, reaffirming that Abandoned is a new 100% original delivery. This announcement triggered a series of negative comments, before a notably upset audience.

Despite the fact that several weeks have passed, the study has revealed that hateful comments continue to increase, and that they are even going through a difficult moment in which they have been receiving death threats, for which they have asked through their social networks , dry these stocks.

This message is not published as a company, but as a group of human beings. The last few days have been difficult. Death threats are increasing online and unfortunately also physically and this has to stop […] We will not tolerate this situation and will be providing IP addresses, logins and camera recordings. We are aware of the negative situation that we create and we understand the frustration. But what we don’t understand are the death threats. – I point out the company.

At the moment, the details of this statement are unknown, likewise the study has confirmed that they will continue working on the development of the video game that still has no confirmed launch date, and which until now we know will be a horror shooter that emulates a survival experience, in first person, developed in an open world.

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