Almost 100 entrepreneurial families benefit from the “Recovering smiles” campaign

The bell “Regaining smiles”, promoted by GSK Consumer Healthcare Spain, celebrated its second edition a few days ago. This has allowed the Red Cross to distribute 94 grants among 88 entrepreneurs belonging to groups in difficultysuch as women in vulnerable situations, migrants and refugees or people over 45 years of age.

The second edition of this social action managed to raise 50,000 euros, donated entirely to the Red Cross Impulsa Project for the recovery and reactivation of employment in Spain, directly supporting people who have been specially punished due to the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Aid to meet day-to-day expenses

A total of 88 entrepreneurs have been the recipients of the 94 grants managed by the Red Cross thanks to the contribution of GSK Consumer Healthcare. The amount of this aid will be used to face the expenses derived from their professional activity. Thus, they have been distributed among concepts such as rental support, payment of supplies, purchase of equipment, marketing and advertising expenses or purchases of merchandise. The average amount received by each entrepreneur has ranged from €412 in aid for marketing and advertising expenses to €560 in rental support.

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Benefit from multiple sectors

By sectors, 32% of the aid has gone to the restoration, followed by 13% to food trade, 11% to beauty and image related trade and 10% to wholesale trade. Among the rest of the sectors in which entrepreneurs have benefited from some aid, we find handicrafts, retail trade, textile trade, green economy, education, manufacturing industry, delivery and courier services, health and well-being, automobile services and services. professionals.

As explained by Davide Fanelli, CEO of GSK Consumer Healthcare Spain, “One of the values ​​that define us as a company is to always maintain the human side in everything we do. Do not lose sight of the fact that we work for and with people. This collaboration with the Red Cross is one of the most rewarding experiences we have had in recent times and this is the final result, and therefore the most anticipated: to give a name, a face, a life experience to all the people we have been able to help. . This makes us reaffirm even more if possible in our social commitment. We will work tirelessly to involve the people who trust our brands every day for self-care in the great work that social agents such as the Red Cross do. You will always find the support of this company and its employees.”

For her part, Maika Sánchez, director of the Red Cross Employment area, highlights that “it is essential to continue reinforcing the intervention with those entrepreneurs, who, despite the context, have sustainable and viable business projects but who have important barriers to overcome for the creation and consolidation of their self-employment initiatives”. One of the biggest obstacles “It is access to financing and the need for personalized advice; That is why, thanks to this collaboration, it has been possible to support a significant number of people with direct aid in the aspects where they most needed it to boost their economic activities and strengthen their consolidation in the business fabric”.

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