Almost 170 euros offer for the 256GB 8-core iMac M1

At the beginning of July we talked about an offer for this same iMac in which a discount of € 130 was added. This discount was really interesting to buy the equipment but now after a month we find a much better offer or discount in which we can save € 169 from the official price of the iMac.

You can think with this discount on equipment it will be reconditioned or something similar but no, this iMac is totally new. It’s about the model 24-inch this year with the new M1 chip from Apple, with the Eight-core CPU and GPU, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB and in Silver color.

This iMac model is the one that adds Touch ID on the keyboard, four ports on the back of the iMac two of them USB 3 or the Gigabit Ethernet connection port on the transformer charge without having to ask for it as if it were an extra in the equipment configuration. This we could say is the entry iMac that we recommend to all users and the model that costs € 1,449 is not highly recommended for these aspects.

Buy here this iMac with a discount of almost 170 euros

This type of promotion does not usually last long and personally I think that the saving of almost 170 euros makes up for the purchase on the Amazon website, so if you were thinking of buying an iMac it may be a good opportunity to do so. In addition we do not tire of repeating that The guarantee offered by Amazon is undoubtedly the same as that offered by Apple itself on your products. In this sense, you do not have to worry if you have any problem they will take care of it.

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