“Almost perfect”, this is how they value the MacBook Air with SoC M2

The MacBook Air 2022 was presented last June, and the truth is that it caused quite a stir because it became the first Apple team to assemble an M2 SoCa new generation chip that has an 8-core CPU divided into two blocks of four cores each, the first high-performance and the second high-efficiency, and is accompanied by an Apple GPU with 10 graphics cores.

Now that this model has begun to be available, the first analyzes have been appearing, and the conclusions have been, in general, very positive. MacRumors has compiled a compilation with some of the most important ratings for the reputation of each medium, although we have seen a negative opinion that we are going to comment on below. Among the most important aspects that these media have valued we can stand out:

  • The performance improvement offered by the M2 chip, which substantially exceeds the M1, although performance tests confirm that the improvement is more marked at the GPU level than at the CPU level.
  • The MacBook Air 2022 has an even thinner and lighter design than the previous generation model.
  • The SSD is faster in real applications, according to Apple, but the truth is that the drive that mounts the MacBook Air 2022 in its base configuration is slower than that of the previous generation model. All in all, this is offset by the higher power of the Apple M2 SoC.

From Engadget they tell us that the MacBook Air 2022 is “almost perfect”, and highlight its lightness, its autonomy and its performance. The Verge also gives it a very positive rating, saying that it is a “success on every level,” but at the same time says that consumers who are thinking of upgrading an old computer should also take into account the 2020 MacBook Airsince it is cheaper and mounts an Apple M1 SoC, which still offers good performance.

MacBook Air with M2 SoC

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