Altea facilitates the management of the Spanish and European electricity market for small operators

The multinational, Atos, recently presented its new energy trading application for for operators to meet new challenges derived from the transformation of the electricity market (towards a quarter-hour programming model) and trading operations.

By processing market data, Altea makes it easier for small electricity operators to manage energy in the European and Spanish regulated electricity markets, OMIE and REE, and adapts to the latest European and Spanish regulations. Altea offers a market analysis repository, new capabilities and speeds up time-to-market for energy operators, allowing them to manage their energy transactions and adapt to the latest market developments.

new paradigms

Energy markets are constantly evolving. The increasing weight of renewable energies in the mix of generation and the incorporation of new actors (self-consumption, participation of demand in balanced markets) force a redefinition of strategies and operations of trading activities. In this scenario, the digital transformation of the sector and the association of new technological tools they offer new opportunities to redesign and optimize information and operating systems.

Altea allows you to automate exchanges between market agents through a flexible and powerful system that provides the robustness and efficiency necessary for day-to-day operations. The app centralizes the information and optimizes the control and supervision of operations. It has a centralized and scalable storage system in the cloud and a relational database, with an optimized design, based on extensive experience in systems developed by Atos. Its service-oriented architecture is based on standardsbeing able to adapt quickly to changes.

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«Our knowledge in the area of ​​energy trading accumulated throughout this period, together with our leadership in digitization and application of new technological tools, allows us to guarantee that we meet the needs and expectations of our clients in each and every one of the Projects”, says Ileana Soler, director of Atos Worldgrid of Atos in Iberia.

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