Although it seems fortuitous, this arrow launched at 2.6 km in Zelda carries intentions

A 2,600-meter throw

Zelda arrow

You just have to take a look at the video to see that we are facing a launch that very few will be able to sign. Our protagonist has found a way to launch a date from the Temple of Time to Hyrule Castle to hit directly on one of the enemies that haunt there. But far from being a shot in the air that seeks an enemy in a fortuitous way, in reality the movement hides a lot of technique and, basically, a lot of millimeter calculations.

How did you do it?

To correctly visualize the path that the arrow to be launched should trace, our protagonist first decided to calculate the distance that the arrow should travel. To do this, he used the infinite jump technique to calculate the complete distance from the Temple of Time to the Castle, a trajectory that traveled no less than 2,600 meters.

Knowing the distance at which the target would be, he only needed to know exactly the angle with which he would have to shoot, and for that, after many and many tests, he managed to find an infallible reference: the stars.

With a lot of ingenuity, he decided to place a piece of adhesive tape on his screen to always have the same reference, so that by adjusting the image on the screen with the tape (taking as a reference point a star in the Hyrule sky), he would always be able to launch to the same site. Said and done.

A record release

Zelda arrow

With the trajectory defined, there was now another of the most difficult parts, and that is that once the arrow is launched, the player must constantly follow it to prevent it from disappearing from the field of vision, or else the arrow will disappear. To achieve this he made use of another recently discovered bug, which allows you to float around the map at high speed and thus chase the arrow, so that we can follow the trajectory so that it never disappears. If everything has worked as expected, the arrow will go directly to one of the guardians who circulate around the castle, but do not call victory because you will have to take into account another factor.

Depending on the speed at which you reach the castle with the flying trick, the guardian will appear on the scene sooner or later, and that will always affect the final result of the arrow launch, since if you appear in advance, the arrow will not succeed coincide with the guardian parade. Another important factor is that ancient arrows only completely knock down the guardian if you manage to hit one of his weak points fully, so this is definitely one of the most impressive arrow shoots we’ve ever seen in Zelda Breath of the Wild. .

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