Always keep Premiere effects in view with this option

We mention this particular proposal from the software giant because it is perhaps the most popular and valued in this sector. Keep in mind that it is suitable for both professional and home users who are just starting out. However, this does not mean that it is a simple program to use, at least to get the most out of it. But it can serve as a good starting point to start getting into this type of projects of video edition.

At the same time, the most advanced professional users in the sector can use this proposal for their personal work without any problem. For all this, Adobe puts at our disposal a huge number of functions and features with which it intends to cover the needs of all of these. But, first of all, the first thing we must do is get used to using the user interface that the program proposes to us. This will allow us to work in a more personalized way with it and get more out of it by gaining productivity.

In fact, along these lines we are going to focus on this useful application, specifically on the possibility of saving efforts and obtaining more striking and professional results.

Get better results in Premiere with its effects

We must bear in mind that Adobe Premiere offers us the possibility of fully customize the user interface default. This is something quite common in most of the programs of this company, as it happens with Photoshop. How could it be otherwise, the program itself by default presents us with a specific interface design, but it will not always be the most appropriate. For example, we can choose to always have the most interesting elements at hand to improve our editing projects Of video.

So much so that, if we want to obtain better results without being experts with Premiere, we recommend that you always keep an eye on the Effects section. These are digital elements that we can add to our video projects so that they undergo a major transformation in just a few steps.

This does not happen by default if we just installed Adobe Premiere on our computer, but it is something that we can configure. For this that we tell you, once we have Adobe Premiere running on our screen, we click on the Window menu option from its main interface. Here we find a large number of functions and sections of the application itself so that we can activate the view of each of them independently.

In this way we will see the section that interests us in this case, which is none other than the one called Effects, where we click. Once we have it active, the corresponding window with all these elements will be located in the main interface of the application so that we always have it available. So we can apply these very useful objects to our video project in a more efficient and simple way.

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