Always keep your account secure on Linux by changing the password

One of the advantages of Linux over other operating systems is the need to enter a password for almost any change we want to make to the system. This, something that may seem like a nuisance, also means greater security for us. That is why we may want to change our password in Linux to make it easier for us to remember. To do this we must use the command passwd from Terminal.

To be able to install or uninstall a program, as well as to enter commands in the Terminal, we will need our Linux root password, and it is not the same as the login password, so it is important that we change it and have one that is more convenient for us. easy to memorize. The password is used to update the authentication token (password) of a user stored in the /etc/shadow file, while the passwd takes care of change user and group accounts.

A normal user can only change the password of his own account, while the superuser (or root) has the ability to change the password of any account. The passwd command also changes account information such as the user’s full name, the user’s login shell, or the password’s expiration date and range.

The way to carry change password change in Linux should work correctly in any distribution

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