Always stay informed with these extensions for Chrome

Reading news is one of the main activities that we usually do with our Internet browser. To always have all the information available from any medium, news readers began to emerge. These are responsible for showing all the updated content about the news that appear in different media, to know everything that happens in the world from the same place.

Advantages of using a news reader

Today time is one of our most valuable assets. That is why we cannot always be aware of all the news that we would like from different media. Spending a few minutes or even hours to manually go through different types of websites, blogs, etc., may not be available to many users. For them there are various extensions that we can install in our Chrome browser and from where have access to all the information that interests us. In them we can the different sources that interest us to later filter their news based on rules that we will define later.

All this means that installing a news reader in Chrome can become the most practical and comfortable way to always be informed of all the news that may be of interest to us. If we are determined to try them, we will tell you which are the most interesting options that we must consider to install in our browser.

Chrome extensions to always be informed

Next, we are going to show you some of the best extensions that we can find available for Google Chrome with which we can always be informed of all the news that interests us.

News Tab, one of the most popular news extensions

It is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular news extensions for Chrome. With it we will obtain all the most important news of our country, not in vain it is compatible with more than 130 regions and languages. We can select a predetermined news category such as sports, technology, entertainment, featured news, etc. These will be updated automatically and we will have access to them from one place. It also allows us add a specific topic or news source to your feed, so that we do not miss anything that interests us. With NewsTab it is possible to follow any news topic and organize it by sections according to our preferences. In addition, it allows us to add our Twitter account and access it from the extension itself.

News Tab

RSS Feed Reader, to follow the news on your favorite web and blog

This extension for Chrome offers us the easiest way to follow all the news from our favorite websites and blog. We can instantly see all the content that is added in the form of new posts in our news feeds. Using context menus, right-clicking on pop-ups, allow us to mark everything as read, update feeds, as well as other shortcuts. It is also possible export our feeds to be able to import them to another computer or save them as a backup. In addition, we can customize the news by choosing how many publications to show, organizing them in folders and ordering them with just drag and drop. All from within the browser.

RSS Feed Reader

Panda 5 with more than 200 news sources

This extension for Chrome allows us to always find the best content to keep us informed, allowing us to replace the new tab page with all the sites of our favorite news websites. We are therefore talking about a simple free news reader that has more than 200 news sources and 9 reading layouts to choose the one that best suits us. It also has a dark mode for better readability conditions in low light situations, as well as the possibility of marking any news so that it is not lost and reading it later. You can not miss the possibility of search within the feeds themselves, as well as being able to browse several websites at the same time.

Panda 5

News – Rss Reader, for those who speak English

This plugin for Chrome is one of the best ways to be aware of all the news that happens around us if we are fluent in English, as it does not have a Spanish version. Through it we will obtain news updates, as they are produced and in real time. It also allows us to select our favorite news website, as well as create a personalized menu with different types of categories. It has a counter that is shown in the extension icon to show the number of new publications, as well as in the menu with our categories, where we will always have notifications with the new publications that arise. In addition, it has the ability to search, store our favorite articles to be able to read them later, classify them by dates and establish time intervals for updating new news.

News - Rss Reader

Good news, one of the best options in Spanish

Another interesting extension that cannot be missing from the list, as it offers compatibility with different languages among them spanish. Once installed we must log in with our Google, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account. From this moment on we will have access to all your options such as viewing news from preloaded categories, adding or removing sources, adding new categories, using your search box to find new sources, among others. We will also have the possibility of being able to save the news to read it later, as well as share it on our social networks. In addition, we find a right panel where it is possible to see all the news that we have read, although does not have notice through notifications.

Good news

Feedbro, configure and organize your news folder

Another tool in the form of an extension for Chrome that we must consider. Is about a standalone feed reader, extremely fast and with multiple display modes (full article view, headline only view, headlines plus one paragraph, newspaper view, magazine view). It has built-in support for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, among others. It stands out for having a built-in engine to create and define filter rules, highlight edges, label, automatically mark, etc. These rules are compatible with sound effects and pop-up notifications in Chrome. We can also organize feeds by folders, search web page feeds and show only unread items. In addition, it has different themes with which to customize the interface and keyboard shortcuts similar to those of Google Reader.


What extension of news is the most recommended

As we can see, we have a good number of dedicated extensions to group and display our favorite news from a single place, in order to have easier and better access to all of them. All of them are characterized by being free, so we can always install and test them first-hand to see which one best suits our needs.

Of all the options that we propose, perhaps there are two that can stand out above the rest as they are News Tab and Feedbro, due to its wide customization options, which allows us to have all the news ordered, filtered and cataloged to our liking, as well as receive notifications with each new update or mark the most interesting ones to read them later.

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