Am I leaking data to the Internet without realizing it? This you have to know

Preventing your personal data from being leaked can help you maintain security on social networks, banking platforms or even prevent it from reaching your contacts. As you will see, attackers may be using different methods to get hold of your data without you realizing it.

How do you filter your data online?

Basically, the options to filter your personal data are what we are going to see below. Although there are more strategies that could be followed, these are the most common and, therefore, the ones you should avoid to maintain good security at all times and not have problems.

Malware on the system

The first thing that may happen is that you have some type of malware on your system. They may have slipped you some virus or malicious file. This can happen, for example, if you have downloaded a document that you received by mail, installed a program from official sources or clicked on a fraudulent link.

To prevent this from happening, the most important thing is to avoid downloading malicious files and install programs only from official sources. But you will also be able to count on a good antivirus. This will help you detect problems and know at all times whether or not you have any type of virus on your device.

Account hacking

Another option that hackers are going to use, and for which you could be leaking personal data, it is by hacking your accounts. For example, they could steal the password of a social network, such as Facebook or Instagram, and start obtaining information from you or your contacts.

In this case, what you should always do is protect your accounts very well. It is essential that you use passwords that are strong and complex, that you check very carefully that you are installing only official applications and have a periodic review. Whenever you can, enable two-step authentication.


The Phishing attacks They are a clear example of how hackers can steal passwords or personal data. They are a classic among social engineering attacks. They usually arrive through an email or mobile message. There, the attackers will look for you to give some type of information or fall into the trap.

In order to protect yourself, common sense is going to be essential. You should never open links that you cannot trust, nor download documents or provide information that they may ask for. If in doubt, you should always consult official sources or go directly to the website of the company that is supposedly contacting you.

Brands most used in Phishing


Of course, vulnerabilities are yet another problem that is present. Cybercriminals could take advantage of security flaws that may be in a system or application that you use. They are going to exploit this flaw and, in this way, get your personal data leaked and steal information.

Vulnerabilities can be fixed easily, since you only need to have everything updated. Always install the latest version of the operating system, as well as any program you use. This will help you achieve greater protection and avoid problems that may affect you.

As you can see, attackers could use different techniques to steal your personal information. It is essential to always be protected with a good antivirus, have everything updated and, most importantly, maintain common sense to avoid problems. That will help you protect your data.

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