Amazon: 3-month free book offer with Kindle Unlimited returns

It’s been a while since Amazon delighted us with an offer like this. It is all a discount in your section Kindle Unlimited, thanks to which you will be able to spend 3 long months reading all his books without paying a penny. Don’t you think it’s the ideal plan for this summer? If you are thinking the same as us, you have to keep reading to find out everything and get the promotion before it expires.

Kindle Unlimited: free bar of books

At this point it is difficult for you not to know what Kindle Unlimited is, but just in case you are not clear about what the service consists of and what you access by contracting it, we are going to give you some information. This platform is what many know as «the netflix of books«, an online library with room for more than a million copies. Those who sign up for €9.99 per monthThus, they obtain the possibility of accessing all the books from any platform (Kindle, smartphone, tablet…) without restrictions or extra payments. A flat rate to read, what you want and when you want, very popular among users due to the great savings it entails.

Kindle Unlimited.

You have to know the difference between Unlimited and Prime Reading: while the first is paid and comes with endless books to consume, the second is “free” (it is included in the Amazon Prime subscription) and has a considerable fewer titles to read.

Now, you can try the famous Kindle Unlimited paying absolutely nothing, thanks to the offer that Amazon has launched. With it you subscribe (without any commitment) and in a few months you decide what to do.

Free three month offer

To sign up for the promotion and benefit from these months of free reading, all you have to do is click/touch on the button below. That will take you to the Unlimited registration page, accessing the subscription offer with 3 months free of charge. The free period starts from the moment you sign up, adding 90 days thereafter -Amazon will inform you on what specific date it expires, don’t worry.

Once the free book period ends, Amazon will charge you (9.99 euros), as long as you maintain the subscription, but if you don’t want it to be that way, you can always unsubscribe before, no strings attachedso you won’t be charged a penny – our advice so you don’t miss it is to write it down in an agenda or add a notification on your mobile.

A way, as you can see, perfect to get to know the platform in depth for a long time without ties or charges, in addition to the ideal plan for these summer months that we already have ahead. However, you must bear in mind that if you have been signed up beforethe promotion could vary – for some users the offer does not appear (beyond the statutory trial month) and for others, for example, it is reduced to two months instead of three.

Who signs up?

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