Amazon advertises everything: Echo Show 15, a thermostat and even a robot!

Amazon Smart Thermostat

Amazon needed to have its own smart thermostat and today it has finally taken the step. This model of the company is compatible, of course, with Alexa and will have a price of $ 59.99 (we imagine that its conversion when it arrives in Spain will be 1: 1).

The device acts the same as the Nest models, offering a very minimalist and discreet in pristine white, with a fairly large and comfortable display to view the temperature and with touch-type controls.

We don’t have a release date yet, but it shouldn’t take long for it to show up on your showcase.

Echo Show 15

One of the highlights of the presentation has been this gigantic Echo. With a screen of 15.6 inch high definition (Full HD), the idea of ​​Amazon is that you use this equipment as the nerve center of the home, with customizable widgets, access to entertainment content (Netflix, Amazon Prime …) and where its function as a TV is not lacking either. One of the most interesting features it has is that it has Visual ID, a technology that allows you to recognize who is in front of the screen and display the settings assigned to your profile (with your chosen widgets, calendar appointments, etc.).

Echo Show 15

With a quad-core AZ2 processor (this is the new generation of chips in the house), the Echo Show 15 also acts as a decorative element when you activate its box function – you just have to ask Alexa.

Echo Show 15

The price of the Echo Show 15 will be $ 249.99, although its launch date is still unknown.

Amazon glow

One of the most curious teams, without a doubt, that today’s presentation has given us. Glow is a device designed for children that serves to make video calls, with the incentive that it also includes a projector (yes, what you read) that projects a 19-inch interactive type screen.

Amazon glow

In this way, on one side of Glow will be the little ones, capable of playing, drawing or reading what is projected and on the other the adult in question, interacting in the same projection thanks to the use of an application that they can have installed in your tablet. And all this while the video call is in progress to be able to talk and see each other at all times.

We don’t know if a team like Glow will make it to Spain, but for now at least we know that its price in the US will be $ 249.99.

Halo View

Amazon is still determined to find its place in the world of smart bracelets. Last year he tried it with Halo and now he does the same with Halo View. This model comes with color AMOLED display and allows monitoring from the steps you take daily to your blood oxygen levels, through your heart rate. Its battery lasts up to 7 days, charges in just 90 minutes and comes in three colors to choose from.

Halo View

As you can see, there is nothing “extraordinary” about it, and its grace lies in the ecosystem that the team makes up with company services such as Halo Fitness (with classes taught by experts a la Fitness +) or Nutrition (with meal plans, recipes …). Everything will be managed like this from the same application that you will access through a membership. In fact, when you buy the bracelet, which costs $ 79 and will be available at Christmas, you get a free year of access to these services.

Ring Alarm Pro

You already know that the Ring company is associated with Amazon (it has been owned by the electronics giant for a long time) and has a good catalog of solutions for the home in its showcase. Now these options are expanded with Alarm Pro, a security system that is supported by an eero WiFi 6 router that is integrated to always have the best possible connection.

This system will offer the option of a contract also for a protection assistance service with professional monitoring and a subscription so that your equipment is always online even when the power goes out, with a certain amount of data per month to continue recording videos of backup.

Ring Alarm Pro

In addition to this launch, Amazon has confirmed that its Ring Always Home Cam, the camera that flies alone through your home as a vigilant drone, is now available for purchase, allowing you to request an invitation to do so starting today.

Blink Video Doorbell

Blink wanted to have its own smart video caller and here it is. The small device, in size as you see compact, has a doorbell and a Full HD camera with which you can always see who is on the other side of the door.

Blink Video Doorbell

You will receive alerts on your phone when someone calls and you can talk to them thanks to their two-way audio. It runs on two AA batteries and is weather resistant, so it doesn’t matter where you put it.


Of everything presented, there is no doubt that the most impressive is Astro. Despite the fact that the Amazon robot had already been leaked, it is still incredible to see that Amazon already has its own smart robot with Alexa, a kind of Echo with wheels that will allow you, among other things, to monitor your entire house without having to lift a finger.

The device is capable of mapping all the rooms of the home, detecting obstacles (so as not to collide with your dog, for example) and can be configured so that it does not enter certain spaces or that it is only active in the morning or at night, as you wish .

It includes a periscope to be able to see at other heights and a screen that acts as a face and as a panel, for example to hold video calls. All a boast of artificial intelligence of which Amazon has been very proud and that we do not doubt that it will receive important updates in the future to offer us more features.

The Astro is priced at $ 1,449.99 but as part of the Day 1 program, it will be offered at a lower cost of $ 999.99 in limited units for those first-timers who want to give it a try.

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