Amazon advises you on the best purchases for your pet, so you activate it

There is no doubt that the e-commerce giant Amazon puts at our disposal all kinds of products belonging to a multitude of categories. In addition, through various functions that it proposes, we have the possibility of improving our experience when buying here.

And we no longer only talk about those products that we can find for our personal use or that of our friends and family. This shopping platform even allows us to personalize the advice that it will send us regarding our pet. It is undeniable that if we subscribe to the Amazon Prime modality, we will have a large number of advantages.

Among these we can highlight the possibility of receive our purchases at no cost in terms of shipping costs. We will also have the possibility of using the streaming music and video services of the platform. However, along these same lines we are going to focus on the possibility of receiving offers and types of personalized products for our pet.

This means that the Amazon store itself allows us to establish a series of parameters that define the animal that we have at home to offer us the best of its store for the same. It is for all this that we are going to show you how to create a profile of our pet so that the giant of commerce shows us products that could interest us for it. In addition, it is important to know that we have the possibility of editing this profile that we created at the beginning as time goes by and the pet have more years

Create a profile of your pet on Amazon

Well, to achieve all this that we are telling you, the first thing we do is identify ourselves in the online store with our personal account. If we take a look at the top of the main interface we find a drop-down list that says Account and lists. We only have to place the mouse pointer about it. Here a series of options will appear to choose from among which we have to locate the one that interests us in this case, My pet.

Once we have clicked on this option that we are telling you about, we can start the customization process to create a profile of our pet. Among the options available here we find that we can choose between a doga cata reptilea fish or even a horse.

amazon pet profile

From that moment we will have the possibility to define this profile down to the smallest detail. As we introduce more customization parameters for our mascot, the purchase proposals is that they reach us in the future will be more accurate and suitable for our pet. In this customization window we can define parameters such as your race, weight, age, dietary preferences, favorite brands of food and more.

As you can imagine, we can change all these preferences whenever we want and they remain associated with our Amazon account and profile. In addition, the advice regarding products that will appear in our account here, will not only refer to food. We can also find a multitude of toys specially designed for our pet.

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