Amazon continues with all-time lows: SteelSeries Apex 3!

To speak of SteelSeries is to speak of a leading company in many market segments, always within gaming, where both by quality and by guarantee the brand over the years has made a name for itself. When we talk about keyboards, you have to make a lot of clarifications because the price is very decisive here, therefore, this offer is so attractive that it will make you not be able to look the other way and other models of the competition.

SteelSeries Apex 3, when quality and price go hand in hand

As you surely know, the Apex series from SteelSeries is very broad. This Apex 3 represents the entry model to this series and is included within what the company has called Glow up. This approach to products that complement it is based on offering peripherals that are affordable and at a good price, but that represent the best of their class at the same time.

Therefore, the first mental image as a concept that might come to mind is of a keyboard of dubious quality and performance. We are going to erase that mental image with strong arguments and banish the idea that every gamer needs a mechanical keyboard to be competitive and become a professional.


We are not going to say that a mechanical keyboard is not the best for gaming, because it would not be according to reality, but it is true that only professional or semi-professional gamers benefit from those few milliseconds less. The rest of mortals do not need or take advantage of such advanced hardware, since reaction times are longer and therefore we are wasting money for a product that is above what we as gamers can perform together with it.

Therefore, this SteelSeries Apex 3 represents the perfect balance, since it contains the Whisper-Quiet switches, which are part of a very advanced membrane that allows a very fast and above all silent pulsation. Each switch is individual in terms of its pulsation, each supporting 20 million clicks.

Premium materials and high-end technology


Let’s not think that we are buying cheap plastic or technology from years ago at all. This SteelSeries Apex 3 has a highly durable rubber dome sheet on its switches, which makes it comfortable, quiet and soft to the touch, while maintaining the unmistakable touch sensation that a common mechanical keyboard also presents.

Its casing is made of a high-quality polymer that tries to imitate brushed aluminum with a satin tone, really, a very successful effect. Has 24 keys with N-Key Roll Over, anti-ghosting gaming, RGB lighting in 10 zones and it is also waterproof.

Yes, it is certified IP32, so the accidents with drinks will no longer be a problem, as well as the encrustation of the dust. This does not mean that it is submersible, it simply protects the keyboard and its electronics from failure due to contact with the liquid. To do this, SteelSeries has designed this Apex 3 with drain holes that channel the liquid to be expelled from the keyboard more quickly, so that you do not have to use the typical (and erroneous) methods of rice, dryer or sun.

Apex 3 all-time low price

Finally, this keyboard integrates a magnetic wrist rest to support us and have a more comfortable pressing position. At the same time, it includes dedicated multimedia keys to adjust the audio controls and other tasks that we need. This SteelSeries Apex 3 is being offered on the brand’s website and until yesterday on Amazon at a price of 79.99 euros, but today it has dropped to 48.79 euros, a -39%.

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