Amazon doesn’t know what to do with Alexa, Twitter is out of cash, that’s the recap.

Amazon has more than half of its stock market value in one year. Unless it quickly makes a profit, Twitter will go bankrupt, Elon Musk says. We know what Netflix will offer us for Christmas: Blood Origin, the spin-off of The Witcher which will teach us how the first witcher was born, this is the recap.

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Amazon is worth less than a trillion dollars, it’s the big crisis

In 2021, everything was going well at Amazon. The e-commerce giant was on the rise and was worth over $2 trillion. A year later, it’s the big crisis. The company’s stock market listing fell below the trillion dollar mark. Many of the company’s projects, including Alexa, will bear the brunt of this bad financial patch.

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Elon Musk claims that at this pace, Twitter could soon shut down

Every day, Twitter seems to sink into a crisis whose outcome seems almost inevitable. When no one dared even consider it two weeks ago, it was the charismatic CEO of the company who himself uttered the forbidden word: bankruptcy. Twitter is living way beyond its means and needs to turn a profit fast.

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Netflix unveils a trailer for Blood origin, the prequel to The Witcher

Many Witcher fans mourn the departure of Henry Cavill, who played a near-perfect Geralt of Rivia. They’ll be thrilled to hear that Netflix will be streaming a spin-off of The Witcher for Christmas. Blood Origin, “The blood heritage” in French, goes back to the origins of the first witcher, 1200 years before the action of The Witcher. The trailer published by the streaming platform on YouTube mainly tells us that the character of Michelle Yeoh will play a central role in this spin-off in four episodes of the hit series.

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