Amazon Echo Show 10: a different smart speaker

Amazon Echo Show 10, video analysis:

Eye-catching design

As I always do in my reviews, I want to start talking to you about the design of this speaker with a screen from Amazon. And, in this case, starting with the physical aspect makes more sense than ever because it is totally different from what we were used to seeing in other Amazon Echos or even in other competing models. Its structure is divided into two parts:

  • Base: This is where we find the brain and the speakers of the computer. In addition, one of the most striking aspects of this is that it is a 360º swivel base With which the team will follow us at all times, although I will talk about this a little more ahead in depth.
  • Screen: as in any other Echo Show, we find a touch screen. This is a 10.1 ″ panel with HD resolution that, in addition, we can tilt up or down as we need it. Here we also have the typical buttons to mute the assistant, control the volume of the speaker and a slider to cover or discover the front camera as in the rest of Amazon screen speakers.

We can buy it in two different colors: anthracite (black) or white, as is the one I have been testing. Personally, the design seems daring but very correct, although I will not deny it … when I have shown it to someone, more than one person has mentioned to me that it reminds them of a cash register in a store. You already know, the book of tastes is blank.

As I was saying a moment ago, one of the star characteristics of this model is that it “follows us with its eyes.” This is due to the rotating platform on which it rests, which has the ability to rotate 360º on itself. We will only have to talk to Alexa so that it begins to follow us at all times, which seems brutal to me if we are using it to reproduce content on the screen, following a recipe or we want to consult some data such as the time of the week or the list of the purchase.

In addition, this makes the speaker system, consisting of 2 x 1.0 ″ tweeters and 1 x 3.0 ″ woofer, are completely directional to improve the experience (since it will always point towards us). And, speaking of audio, as you can imagine the difference in sound is very noticeable in this model compared to its younger brothers. The music or any content that we are playing through it has a lot of punch and it’s pretty clear. It may not have a hi-fi sound system, but it is probably better than any other normal speaker you have around the house.

But of course, in your case you may not be interested in having this speaker rotate 360º because you have it on a shelf, attached to the wall or for any other reason. Those of Amazon have taken this possibility into account and, whether you want to do it in the initial configuration or later, there is a function that limits your range of motion. This can be found by swiping on the screen from above and entering the section of “Movement”.

And if you want to put this speaker on the bedside table or anywhere else that you think might disturb someone with the sound, you can rest assured. The sound that this speaker generates when rotating It is non-existent, you will not notice it.

What can an Amazon Echo Show 10 do?

As it is an Amazon smart speaker with a screen, as you can imagine, it has all the possibilities of the rest of the models in the family. Features that we already show you in a video on our YouTube channel in which we teach you how to get the most out of your Echo Show. So, in order not to repeat ourselves, we want to focus on those that mark a differential point in the most advanced member of this family.

Counting on the characteristic of the rotating base, it can provide us with different advantages to the same uses that we have with the rest of the Amazon Echo Show.

We can see this clearly, for example, when it comes to to make video calls to other compatible equipment. We simply have to invoke the assistant and tell him to call one of our contacts so that the call starts automatically. The best thing about the Echo Show 10 is that the camera will frame us in the image and, in addition, it will follow us at all times if we move around the room.

We can also ask Alexa to follow us at any time. Or, for example, using the command “Alexa, take me a selfie”, this will frame you and those close to you again and will launch a selfie that will be automatically stored in the Amazon cloud (in your personal section, of course).

With 10.1 ″ panel, together with the possibility of play content from Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or YouTube, I think it is an ideal equipment to replace your tablet if you used it to watch series while you ate. You just have to ask Alexa to open any of these services to start using them. As simple as that.

The same happens with the possibility of converting this screen, when we are not using it, into a Photo frame. The larger size gives us that extra of being able to visualize the content much better or, as is the case, having a larger photo frame. We show you this function in the video that we leave you a little higher.

Or of course, more of the same if, using the skills, we reproduce a recipe. If the screen is a little further away from us, we can see the steps to follow perfectly when looking bigger.

It is true that we have the possibility of controlling home automation with any Amazon smart speaker. In addition, those with a touch screen have direct access to it by sliding from the right side of the screen and clicking on the “Digital Home” option. But of course, the Echo Show 10 brings an extra thanks to Zigbee controller which it has inside. This means that if we buy lights compatible with this protocol, we will not need any extra jumper and we will save time, cables and money.

Finally, and perhaps another of those most remarkable features exclusive to the Echo Show 10, is that it gives us greater security in our home. And it is that, through the settings of the Alexa app on our phone, we can view live this speaker’s camera. But not only that, but we can rotate it by swiping on the screen and interacting with the speaker and microphone, that is, listen and be able to talk to whoever is at home.

It is a pity that not all countries currently have the Guard mode, with which Alexa will become a security guard that will send us a notification if someone enters the house. But hey, this mode is already being tested in the US and, we hope, it will soon reach more parts of the world.

A very smart investment

Arrived in this world, I want to tell you something that I had not done yet: the price. And, if you want to take an Echo Show 10 home right now, you will have to pay nothing more and nothing less than 249.99 euros via Amazon.

So if you were wondering if Is it worth it or not, I can tell you that it really depends on many factors. If screen size and punchier, higher quality sound are important to you, go ahead. If you are going to make use of everything that implies that this equipment rotates or that it frames you when you use the camera, go ahead. But, in the event that you have another Amazon Echo with a screen and you do not plan to give it more use than that other equipment, perhaps you should consider purchasing one of the other models of the family such as the Echo Show 5, 8 or the Echo Spot.

In my case, which I squeeze thoroughly almost daily, it is a recommended device and I love being able to have it at home. But what is your specific case?

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