Amazon extends its commitment to quantum computing to networks

Amazon has decided to extend its commitment to quantum computing to the interconnection between computers, with the future goal of bringing it to its cloud as well. To this end, it has announced the launch of the AWS Center for Quantum Networking, that is, the AWS Center for Quantum Networks. With it, Amazon opens a new path of research, with which to give ipromotion of science and technology in charge of uniting quantum computers by networkboth for the development of more powerful multiprocessor networks for computing, and for the creation of secure quantum communication networks.

This project joins the areas in which both Amazon and AWS are already researching and advancing in quantum computing, an area in which they have already made several investments. One of these areas is AWS Braket, a platform with which the company offers developers access to quantum computers such as IonQ, Oxford Quantum Circuits, Rigetti and D-Wave. In addition, it also gives access to various simulators and quantum computing software tools.

In addition, Amazon runs the AWS Center for Quantum Computing, which focuses on developing better qubits and error-correcting algorithms; and the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab. They work to help companies prepare for the future in quantum computing.

Both Braket and the Quantum Solutions Lab focus on practical short-term solutions, while the AWS Center for Quantum Computing and the newly announced AWS Center for Quantum Networking are focused on developing of long-term research.

According to Amazon, “To get the most out of quantum devices, they need to be interconnected with each other and with a quantum network, similar to how today’s devices are connected via the Internet. Despite not receiving the same level of attention as quantum computers, quantum networks have exciting potential applications. One of them is to activate global communications protected by the distribution of quantum keys with levels of privacy and security that cannot be achieved with conventional encryption techniques. Quantum networks will also provide powerful and secure quantum servers by interconnecting and amplifying the capabilities of individual quantum processors.«.

Quantum networks will take advantage of some technologies that are already deployed for modern optical communications. Among them lasers, fiber and detectors. Instead of using powerful lasers, however, quantum networks require single photons, smaller assembling blocks of light, to connect quantum devices. These photons allow many of the special capabilities of quantum networks to be achieved, and at the same time, they also present a great challenge. Quantum mechanics prohibits its amplification, limiting the range of the network.

On the other hand, the weakness of single photons makes it difficult to interface with them and with current quantum devices. This means that special new technologies, such as quantum repeaters and transducers, will need to be developed to implement global quantum networks.

Solving these and other problems will be dedicated, among other things, in the AWS Quantum Network Center. Also to the development of new hardware, software and applications for quantum networks. In addition, the center will complement advanced quantum science and engineering projects already underway at the AWS Center for Quantum Computing and the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab.

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