Amazon finally strikes a deal with VISA

Payment by VISA cards will be definitively accepted internationally on the Amazon platform.

A little over a year ago, Amazon and VISA entered into a financial conflict following the Brexit initiated by the United Kingdom. Indeed, with the new British regulations, free from European laws on card payments, VISA had started to apply particularly high commission rates on the American e-commerce platform Amazon.

So for a year, Amazon threatened VISA to no longer accept this payment method on its store if the two parties did not find a solution. Knowing that VISA is one of the dominant brands on the financial market, Amazon has never been able to carry out its threat for fear of depriving itself of a good part of its customers. However, some other countries were impacted by the situation, in which VISA faced higher charges.

A deadline of January 19

Nevertheless, the two companies have been talking for several months and it seems that they have managed to find a viable solution. Indeed, Amazon announces to the media Reuters that an agreement has been reached, and that it will be put in place shortly. A relief, when you think that Amazon gave VISA until January 19 to resolve the situation. A spokesperson says:

We recently entered into a global agreement with Visa which allows all customers to continue to use their Visa credit cards in our stores. This agreement includes Visa acceptance in all Amazon stores and locations starting today, as well as a joint commitment to collaborate on new product and technology initiatives. »

No changes for France

In France, Amazon users who have a VISA card will not be impacted by this new agreement, since the European Union already caps card issuer fees.

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