Amazon Funds First Commercial-Scale Seaweed Farm Between Wind Turbines

Amazon will finance the first seaweed farm situated between wind turbines of the world. This is an initiative known as North Sea Farm 1, which will take place on the coast of the Netherlands, and whose purpose is to test and improve the systems used for the cultivation of algae. Also to investigate the potential of these algae for the “sequestration” of carbon.

The farm will take advantage of the space left between the turbines of a wind farm in the North Sea, and its planning, commissioning and development will be led by a group of researchers and partners from the algae sector. It will be run by the NGO North Sea Farmers (MSF)and will come into operation at the end of this year 2023.

Amazon’s contribution to this farm is, so far, 1.5 million euros, an amount that, in addition to its construction, will finance a year of scientific research on carbon sequestration. In other words, the investment is intended for the start-up of the innovation phase of the project, as well as for the construction of an algae farm that will occupy an area of ​​10 hectares, and is expected to produce a minimum of 6,000 kilos of algae. fresh in its first year in operation.

This investment will also help North Sea Farmers to analyze and optimize the production performance of the farm. In addition, scientists and researchers will be able to study the potential of such a farm for removing carbon from the atmosphere. They will also model the implications of large-scale algae farming, with conclusions that could help improve the sector.

The investment is part of Amazon’s Right Now Climate Find fund, which is endowed with 100 million dollars and whose purpose is to promote projects for the conservation and recovery of the natural environment. The fund is also part of Amazon’s initiatives to decarbonize its business.

For all this, Amazon will allocate 20 million euros to promote European projects that promote the increase in biodiversity, as well as the conservation, restoration and improvement of environmental conditions and sustainability of the communities in which it operates.

Zak Watts, Director of Sustainability for Amazon in Europehas highlighted that «the Seaweed could become a key tool in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, yet it is currently farmed on a relatively small scale in Europe. We are delighted to fund this project, which will help to better understand how seaweed can help combat climate change.«.

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