Amazon gives away 15 euros for your Christmas purchases: so you can take advantage of it

The e-commerce giant launches a large number of promotions throughout the year, promotions that are focused on hooking new customers to its platform. When it doesn’t offer 3 free months of Amazon Music, it gives away 3 months of Audible (its audiobook platform). We can also find the occasional gift voucher, vouchers that we can take advantage of regardless of whether we are Prime users or not. In fact, these types of discounts are intended for those who are not, since we must meet a number of conditions to qualify for these discounts.

The requirements to qualify for the 3 free months of Amazon Music or the Audible platform are intended only for users who have not previously taken advantage of these offers in the past. In addition, of course, users who are already users of these platforms do not have the possibility to take advantage of them either.

With the discount promotions made by the company founded by Jeff Bezos, they are also aimed at users who They are not Amazon regulars. And when we say habitual, we refer to all those of us who have the application installed on our mobile, we take advantage of Amazon Photos if we are Prime users, we enjoy Amazon Prime Video (also if we are Prime users) just as we use the rest of the services included in this subscription.

How to claim the 15 euros that Amazon gives away at Christmas

The first thing to keep in mind when applying for this 15 euro discount in future purchases is that we only have a term until December 31 to take advantage of it. Once we are clear about the maximum deadline to be able to use this offer, the second section that we must comply with is to install the Amazon application on our mobile device. If we already have the application installed, Amazon knows it, and it is useless to delete it and try to play crazy by installing it again. But, if not, we can download it through the links that we show you below. If we are not Amazon users we can create us an account to take advantage of this offer.

Amazon Mobile

amazon shopping
amazon shopping

Once we have entered, we must visit this Amazon link and enter our account details to redeem the corresponding 15-euro gift voucher, a gift voucher that also has a series of limitations, since we cannot spend it with any of the thousands of Amazon products, can only be used on products sold and shipped by Amazon Spain through the Amazon App.

We will not be able to take advantage this offer if we buy:

  • Digital content (ebooks, applications, music among others)
  • In the book store in physical format.
  • At Amazon Luxury Stores
  • Refurbished Products
  • Purchase of Gift Vouchers
  • Products sold by third-party sellers through the Marketplace
  • Infant milk or wrapping paper
  • Nor can we deduct it from shipping costs.
  • Products sold by third-party sellers or products and services sold on any other website.

This promotion is focused on attract new customersso if we are Prime users or buy regularly on this platform, we will not be able to take advantage of these 15 euros as a gift.

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