Amazon has a secret section with the best products in the store: take advantage of it

What at first began as a simple online book store, has now become a giant of electronic commerce. We can find a huge number of products belonging to all types of categories. In addition, one of the strong points that this online store offers us is the logistics that most regions provide. On many occasions this allows us to receive our purchases in a matter of hours comfortably at home.

At the same time, and largely due to the enormous success of Amazon, the prices that we find here are often much more attractive than in other places. But there are also some tricks that we can benefit from to get the most out of this online store that we are talking about. All this apart from the subscription called Amazon Prime that provides us with a good number of advantages.

By paying the monthly or annual subscription we will have Free shipping, video streaming services and music on demand, or unlimited space in the cloud to save photos. And when talking about tricks we can also benefit from some sections that are somewhat more unknown, as is the case that concerns us now. Specifically, we are going to talk about an Amazon section that allows us to access the products best valued by users.

What is the Amazon Star store and how to enter

To give you an idea of ​​the benefits that you can find in this secret section, Amazon itself calls it the star store. Here the same company collects a selection of the products best valued by its customers in the past so that we can benefit from all of it. That is precisely why it could be said that here we are going to find the best of the best when making purchases in this online store.

To say that in order to benefit from the advantages of the Estrella store and see first-hand the best valued products, we can do it directly from this link. First of all, in the main interface we find a selection of products that is updated periodically and that are highly valued by previous buyers.

At the same time we will see a series of categories in order to locate what really interests us more quickly. Here we will have sections such as video and audio, electronics, household appliances, fashion and much more. Thus, we only have to move through this section of the store as we normally do, but instead of finding thousands of products, we will see a selection with the best value.

amazon fashion

And it is that, when making purchases in this online store, in most cases it is advisable to take a look at the evaluations and opinions of other clients. This way we can get an idea of ​​whether it is worth making the purchase or looking for another similar product within Amazon. If the best valued ones are already shown from the start, this could save us a good amount of time and buy with greater guarantees.

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