Amazon has stock of GIGABYTE RX 6800 AORUS GPUs for a limited time!

Do not expect to see offers on graphics cards, it is a chimera that we do not know if we will see again, a unicorn that seems extinct and that some already speak as if that were a legend. The reality is that prices are still through the roof, and although they are going down as can be seen in this GPU, they are still above what they should be worth.

AORUS RX 6800 Master 16 GB, a beast to satisfy your cravings

The market is very broad and taking into account the aforementioned we can only think that the needs and the portfolio are very different between users. And is that if you are one of those who can not wait any longer (or simply does not want to), if your pocket is very wealthy or if the savings encourages you to make the leap to the new generation of GPUs, this card is for you.

We speak as we have said about a RX 6800 customized by AORUS, a gaming subsidiary within the GIGABYTE group that surely does not disappoint you. And is that this model reaches a whopping 2190 MHz by the 2105 of the series model in its Boost mode, while in Game Clock mode it reaches 1980 MHz (1815 MHz the Reference model).

Like all RX 6800, it has a Navi 21 XL die based on RDNA 2.0 and built with the 7 nm of TSMC, which gives it 26.800 million transistors in an area of ​​only 520 mm2. This chip houses 3,840 shaders with 240 TMUs, 96 ROPs and 60 RT Cores, all in just 60 CUs, without forgetting its caches:

  • L0 -> 32 KB per WGP
  • L1 -> 128 KB per array
  • L2 -> 4 MB shared
  • L3 -> 128MB Infinity Fabric

We are talking about a low GPU PCIe 4.0 containing 16GB of 2000MHz GDDR6 or 16 Gbps effective (256-bit bus), with a total consumption of more than 250 watts (not specifically specified) and that needs to be powered 2 8-pin connectors.

A large GPU with a good heatsink


To complete the characteristics of the card on paper we have to refer to two connectors DisplayPort 1.4a and two HDMI 2.1, together with its 4-year warranty if we register it on the GIGABYTE website.

Finally and focusing on your heatsink, we will find three 100mm fans with reciprocating rotation, an LCD screen where card information, GIFs or various images can be displayed, lighting system RGB FUSION 2.0, an aluminum backplate, DUAL BIOS and two power indicators that will verify if we have connected the power of its two 8-pin PCIe correctly.

Regarding its price, right now it is listed at 1202.03 euros, only in limited units that surely end up flying since it is one of the best AMD RX 6800 models on the market.

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