Amazon launched an Alexa-compatible soap dispenser

Amazon Smart Soap

Amazon has launched a smart soap dispenser, its name is Amazon Smart Soap and beyond the very unoriginal name, it must be admitted that it is curious to say the least. Not because it is able to dispense soap without touching it, that is already done by many others and you can even build one yourself with a Raspberry Pi, but because they also offer compatibility with Alexa.

Yes, the idea here is that you can make use of it together with the different leisure options and routines that the voice assistant company offers. Of course, before telling you how you could do all this, it is better to see what the product itself is like. That we anticipate that it does not have many mysteries, although it does have some other interesting detail.

Physically it does not break molds and is very similar to any other soap bottle or dispenser that may already be on the market, be it “dumb” or “smart”. The dimensions is what can vary along with some other detail. Here, for example, if it is higher, it is because at the top there is all the electronics that give it life, from the rechargeable battery with an autonomy of up to three months to the pump and some other element such as the different LEDs.

These LEDs on the top serve as an indicator not only when the device is charging or with low battery, but also when you are washing circular shaped ones. serve as a countdown so that you are rubbing your hands the minimum 20 seconds that is recommended for an effective cleaning.

In addition to this, some interesting detail is also in the ability of the sensor that activates the dispenser to measure the distance between the hole and the user’s hand. Thus, according to the three established levels, you can dispense three different amounts of soap.

Of course, along with all this is the issue of integration with Alexa, but what exactly is it for. Well let’s see, to start you have to know that to work together with the voice assistant it needs to be paired to an Amazon Echo and that it is within a radius of action of nine meters.

Once both devices are connected, the idea is that the dispenser serves as a launcher for routines and other actions related to Alexa. The how? Well, when the sensor detects the user’s hand, it will not only dispense the soap, it will also start the routine that is established. And here the user’s imagination enters.

For example, routines could be programmed that would play a song, that would make you a summary of the highlighted news of the day, that would tell you a new word or some other type of information during the time recommended to wash your hands. You could even use it to trigger other more complex actions by combining different connected devices.

How Much Does Amazon’s Smart Soap Dispenser Cost?

Now the least attractive part of the product: the price. This Amazon Smart Soap has a cost of 55 dollars. If you take into account the price of other automatic dispensers that already exist, the investment is little or not at all attractive.

However, this is a product for users very involved in the subject of home automation, the use of Alexa and its routines, etc. And, of course, spending that money is not a problem for you. Because it is not much, but we are talking about a soap dispenser. For now it is only available on Amazon in the United States.

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