Amazon Luna now goes as a retro emulator with classic games

Amazon Luna has news, but it is still far away

Launching a new product or service is not easy at all, even less if it is related to the world of video games. Because there are already very consolidated proposals and it is difficult to steal users and attention from them.

Normally, it is only during the presentation that they arouse the most interest, but that is useless if there is no continuity in terms of news and value propositions later. Amazon Luna could be said to be one of these launches that were attractive, but then it has gradually deflated. For this reason, it is now when the company founded by Jeff Bezos is giving it a new push.

Amazon Moon will receive new channels and among them there will be one destined to retro games that are a classic. What will the catalog be? Well, it is known that there will be classics from Atari, SNK, etc., so that users will be able to remember great titles such as Another World or King of Fighters among many others. Which is interesting because Luna could be said to become a kind of online emulator.

Along with this channel of classics there will also be one for family titles and here it is not necessary to give many explanations. They will be games to enjoy with family or friends when you are together. So they will be challenges and things of the kind that surely sound familiar to you because of similar things like Nintendo and its Mario Party, etc.

Of course, the most interesting of everything new presented by Amazon Luna is Luna Couch. This is a new option that will allow you to invite a friend or family member to join a multiplayer game quickly and easily. Something similar to the option to watch videos with friends that Prime Video offers or what would be done with video calling services where a link is generated that you share so that they join.

In the video above you can see a quick advance of the function and what it could mean when playing with someone you know quickly, without the most convoluted settings or accesses.

Opening Luna to reach more users

The arrival of new channels will maintain the same scheme that already existed. That is, these channels will be contracted independently the greater the number, the more game options you will have. Which may seem annoying, but in part it is interesting because you adapt the offer to your real preferences.

Thus, for example, these familiar and retro gaming channels would be around $ 3 and $ 6. Meanwhile, other channels like the one that gives access to Ubisoft games would cost more. Well, something more still from now on, because it was also announced that its price would change from $ 14.99 to $ 17.99.

Luna is not yet available to everyone

Amazon Moon

Last but not least, on the contrary, Amazon Luna is still only available for the United States. This means that as much as you may be interested in the service or want to try it to see if it is worth it or not, you will not be able to do it.

So if Amazon wants you to gain relevance, you should still consider the idea of expand the countries that can use Amazon Luna. Meanwhile, users who cannot will have to opt for options such as Nvidia GeForce Now, Google Stadia or iCloud via Xbox Game Pass.

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