Amazon Offer: This GPS for cats and dogs is perfect so that you never get lost (and today it is at a minimum)

Tractive, the GPS module, on a jack

the well-being of our animals It is one of the things that worries us the most when we have one at home, being the possibility that they can escape one of the things that scares us the most -especially in the case of cats, which tend to be more elusive. Luckily, technology can also help us out and there are trackers on the market or GPS that can allow us to know where they are at all times, in case we lose sight of them. And now they are also on offer.

Tractive, the ideal solution for your pet

the signature tractive He has been selling his animal trackers on the market for some time and giving his dreams great peace of mind. And it is that with these GPS you can be sure that you will find your best friend in the event of an escape, allowing you to find him wherever he is.

For this, of course, he makes use of a integrated SIM card in the locator (which allows unlimited coverage, anywhere in the world) and a subscription plan that you will have to subscribe to for it to work correctly – you have 30 days to try it for free and then the fee is from 4 euros per month.

Tractive, the GPS module, for dogs

The device offers localization in real time as well as a history of your pet’s locations and allows you to establish safe areas, creating so-called virtual fences, thanks to which you will receive a warning if your animal strays from them -let’s say that it is a limit that you mark to control that your pet does not pass from there

Tractive interface, the GPS module, with a jack

The Tractive also allows you to make a activity tracking of your animal as well as its sleep time, allowing to know better how rests -and detect any anomaly if it occurs, of course.

A GPS for each type of dog or cat

Whether you have a small or large dog or a cat, there is a perfect Tractive for you and also on sale.

In the case of small/medium dogs, theirs is the Tractive Dog, available in both beige and navy blue. In both cases the discount is the same: 30% that leaves it in €34.99.

If your dog is of large proportions (from 18 kg), then the ideal model is the Tractive Dog XLavailable in green and with a 31% discount (stays like this in €48.29).

Do you have a cute kitty? Well, there is also a GPS for him, the Tractive Cat mini in navy blue and that is accompanied in this case by a necklace. He discount is 30%staying at €34.99.

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