Amazon: one of the best Assassin’s Creed and 7 other games are available in September 2022 on Prime Gaming

Like every month, Amazon Prime subscribers will enjoy 8 new games offered on Prime Gaming in September. There are many award-winning games on the list, including Assassin’s Creed Origins and Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY.

AC origins

The Prime Gaming games of the month for September have been revealed, giving PC gamers who subscribe to Amazon Prime free access to various iconic games. After StarCraft: Remastered last month, 7 other titles will be offered next month. Among them, we will find the very famous open-world stealth game from Ubisoft which takes place in Egypt, Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

As a reminder, the game’s release in 2017 marked a significant change of pace for the series, which has tossed aside its signature gameplay in favor of RPG elements, though it’s still possible to play with skills that will make you stealthy. This new formula was then adopted in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and in the latest Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

What other games is Amazon offering in September 2022?

In addition toAssassin’s Creed OriginsAmazon Prime subscribers will be able to get free Soccer Manager 2022, the famous football game that puts you in the shoes of a coach. We also find the title in the Lord of the Rings universe : Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition.

The release of the latter in September is probably not a coincidence, sinceAmazon will launch its new series on September 2 The Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power. The game will allow you to Immerse yourself in Tolkien’s universe while waiting for the release of new episodes. You can also go watch the last trailer before the launch of the series.

Other free games for Prime members include The Dig by LucasArts and Steven Spielberg, or even We The Revolutionwhich immerses you in the bloody world of the French Revolution. We also find Castle on the Coast, Defend the Rookbut also Word of the Law: Death Mask Collector’s Edition.

Here is a summary of all the titles offered in September 2022:

  • Assassin’s Creed Origins
  • Soccer Manager 2022
  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition
  • The Dig
  • Defend the Rook
  • The Revolution
  • Castle on the Coast
  • Word of the Law: Death Mask Collector’s Edition

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