Amazon pre-orders the 2022 version of the Fire 7

There are a few devices, and Amazon’s Fire 7 tablet is one of them, that for the combination of what they offer with their knockdown price, are a clear invitation to get hold of them even if we had not previously thought about it. And at this point I speak from my own experience, because for years I have usually had a Fire 7, at the time called Kindle Fire, to which I have given the most varied uses not previously foreseen, and that I consider more than amortized with time.

Unlike other manufacturers, who have been driven over the years to make their devices more premium, and consequently more expensive, Amazon’s policy with the Fire 7 remains unchanged: offer a basic but functional and compliant tablet, which also opens the doors to the ecosystem of services of the company, and to maximize its reach, it does so with a pricing policy that puts it within the reach of any pocket.

Amazon Fire 7: technical specifications

Amazon Fire 7
Screen IPS 7 inches resolution 1,024 x 600 dots, 171 dots per inch
Processor MediaTek MT8168V/B
RAM 2 gigabytes
Storage 16 / 32 gigabytes
connectivity WiFi 5, USB C and audio minijack port
Battery Up to 10 hours of autonomy.
cameras 2 megapixels both front and back
Operating system Fire OS
Dimensions and weight 180.68 x 117.59 x 9.67 millimeters, 282 grams

A quick look at its specifications is enough to see that the Fire 7 is not intended to stand out for performance. The set formed by MediaTek MT8168V/B quad-core SoC and two gigabytes of RAM are the most obvious sign of it, but it should not lead us to error, since in reality they are more than enough for a large number of day-to-day tasks, in which performance is not an important factor, in some cases not even relevant.

When it comes to its storage capacity, the Fire 7 is offered with 16 and 32 gigabytes. It is very important at this point, however, to take into account that the final capacity available to the user is substantially less, since we must subtract the space occupied by the operating system and its components. Thus, according to data from Amazon itself, the actual final amounts are approximately 9.5 and 25 gigabytes, respectively. The good news, however, is that in both cases it can be expanded with a memory card of up to one terabyte.

The Fire 7’s seven-inch screen isn’t anything to write home about either, with a more than modest 1024 x 600 dot resolution. For lovers of high resolution, this leaves it out of the list of devices to consume content. However, I return to what we talked about before when we talked about a basic device, which you can just as easily use to read a book in bed, to check the news while having breakfast or to play SD content while traveling on public transport.

Fire 7: already on presale in Spain for a demolition price

A peculiarity of the Fire 7 that its users already know, as well as those of the Fire Stick devices, is that as an operating system we will not find Android, but FireOS, Amazon’s operating system with its own app store (yes, exactly, the ones announced by Microsoft for its app store for Windows 11). And it is that, as I said before, one of the reasons for being of the Fire 7 is to attract more users to the Amazon ecosystem of devices, apps and services.

Another peculiarity, also known to users of Amazon devices but which surprises those who have not yet tried any, is that part of them can be purchased with or without advertising inserts. With the first option, the price is cheaper and the device, in this case the Fire 7, will display advertising when the device is not in use. That is, the advertising will not interrupt your activities with the tablet, but it will be displayed when you turn it on and when you recover it from sleep mode.

The Fire 7 will hit the market next June 29 but It is already in presale on Amazon Spain. These are their prices:

16 gigabytes with advertising: 79.99 euros

16 gigabytes without advertising: 89.99 euros

32 gigabytes with advertising: 89.99 euros

32 gigabytes without advertising: 104.99 euros

Amazon pre-orders the 2022 version of the Fire 7 31

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