Amazon Prime Day, day 2: only cool tech deals are in this guide

Started on June 21, the Amazon Prime Days begin their second day. The multinational offers promotional products to its subscribers and premium subscribers. To get by in the midst of all these offers, the editorial staff of Numerama has prepared an editorialized guide to the best products available.

The best discounts of the best products in this article:

Starting on June 21, Amazon’s Prime Days begin their second day. For another 24 hours, it will therefore be a question of navigating with attention and application in the middle of good plans, to try to find the object that you were missing.

The most important thing, as we pointed out in another guide, is to identify your needs and the most relevant promotions today, in order to find what you are looking for without feeling like you’ve wasted your time and money.

Numerama is therefore taking the time, on June 21 and 22, to guide you through the jungle of promotions: a selection 100% editorialized and produced by the editorial staff according to the products that we have tested and appreciated. It will be updated all day over the offers. If you have any doubts, turn to our buying guides, which we regularly update with the best current tech products. And no, unfortunately there won’t be a PlayStation 5 sold at Amazon Prime Days (and we explain why).

Amazon Prime Days are available to subscribers and subscribers to Amazon Prime, a subscription that costs 49 euros per year or 5.99 euros per month (with a free 30-day trial). For live monitoring, our colleagues from Frandroid also make sharp selections throughout the day.

An indoor surveillance camera: Google Nest Cam Indoor

This indoor surveillance camera allows you to be alerted if movements or sounds are detected in your apartment, when it is supposed to be unoccupied. You can view the live image stream or view (at no additional cost) the history of the last three hours. The Google Nest Cam Indoor also has a Night Vision function.

Its Nest app lets you not only hear what’s going on there, but also talk. Note that Google offers an optional subscription called Nest Aware (service sold separately) which offers continuous recording in the cloud, person alerts and customizable activity zones. The Nest Cam is available for $ 99 right now, on Amazon, along with Prime Days.

An e-reader: the Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle during Amazon Prime Days

Amazon Kindle e-readers are safe bet and the Paperwhite is no exception. It has a quality display with fine resolution (300 dpi) and built-in adjustable lighting – so you can read in the dark without straining your eyes. Page changes are done quickly and smoothly on it. On a daily basis, this makes a real difference: nothing is more annoying than having too great a gap between the moment when you perform the gesture and when the page is displayed.

The battery life the Kindle Paperwhite offers is solid, and an IPX8 certification ensures that you can use it by a pool or at the beach without worrying about getting splashed (it even supports accidental submersion). The interface of Amazon e-readers is also well thought out and easy to use. As we explained in our guide to the best e-readers of 2021, Kindle has one big flaw, however: that of not accepting the open ePUB format used by most of Amazon’s competing bookstores (Fnac, Cultura, Decitre etc. ) The Amazon catalog is fortunately large.

The firm of Jeff Bezos regularly offers promotions on the Kindle Paperwhite and this is of course again the case during these Prime Days: it offered at less than 100 euros for the 8 GB version. It is certainly the best value for money. price that you can find today in terms of e-reader.

Two smartphones not to be missed

On iOS: iPhone 12

IPhone 12 during Amazon Prime Days

The iPhone 12 is number one in our buyer’s guide to the best smartphones of 2021, and it’s not for nothing. Its Oled screen flatters the retinas and its camera always provides very high quality results. The autonomy (about a day) is not as solid as that offered by some high-end competing models but its general performance, provided by an overpowered processor, more than compensates for this. The iPhone 12 should also benefit from solid software monitoring and all the advantages that Apple products offer: security, respect for privacy, Face ID, contactless payment by Apple Pay and iOS 14. The Prime Days of ‘Amazon can afford the 256 GB version for 904 euros.

Are you looking for a great Apple phone at a lower price? Amazon is also currently offering a very attractive promotion on the iPhone mini 12. With its small diagonal, the model is very practical to carry. Its small size does not prevent it from offering a high level of performance, including an excellent camera.

We spotted it on Amazon a few days ago at 649 euros: it is now displayed at 638.99 euros for 64GB (in white) – it’s always won.

On Android: the Xiaomi Note 10 Pro

The Xiaomi Redmi Not 10 Pro smartphone during the Amazon Prime Days

With its Snapdragon 732G, its battery of more than 5000 mAh and its quality camera, the Xiaomi Note 10 Pro is one of the best mid-range smartphones of the moment. Beyond its very solid technical sheet, it also offers a 120 Hz AMOLED screen which will offer greater fluidity in use. The 64 GB version (with 4 GB of RAM) of the Xiaomi Note 10 Pro is displayed today on Amazon for less than 220 euros.

A connected scale: the Whithings Body +

The Withings Body + scale is a classic in the world of these products, and it is often on sale, but the prices have never fallen as low as 66.45 euros as they are today. It allows you to weigh yourself (practical), but also, thanks to the very clear Withings application, to follow your weight curve, calculate your mass and “body composition”, etc.

A Razer webcam

Razer’s webcam during Amazon Prime Days

New to the stream and want to gear up inexpensively? The Razer / KIYO webcam (1080p 30 Fps) benefits from a very interesting promotion, lowering its price by 40 euros. The brightness around the lens is adjustable, and it also has a built-in microphone.

Headphones: Bose 700 with noise reduction

The Bose 700 headphones during the Amazon Prime Days

Telecommuting has probably taken you away from your coworkers, but remember the bliss of active noise canceling in a good open-plan headset, when you’re trying to concentrate when Jean-Michel decided to recount his weekend. end fishing with his cousins. The must-have Bose 700 headphones are known to offer multiple levels of noise reduction and are very comfortable to wear. With today’s big reduction for the blue version (228 € instead of 300 €), it becomes really very interesting.

If you’re looking for noise canceling headphones but aren’t a Bose fan, check out our guide to the best other headphones in 2021 – by the way, the Beats Solo wireless headphones just got a boost. big reduction (going to 164.99 euros this Monday). But the others may not all be on promotion.

A tablet: the iPad 2020 Pro

The iPad 2020 Pro during the Amazon Prime Days

Even if the iPad Pro has recently benefited from a new iteration, its 2020 version remains an excellent high-end tablet in its 12.9-inch version. It is equipped with an Apple A12X SoC which allows to obtain very high performance on absolutely all the applications available on the App Store. Its generous 12.9-inch screen with TrueMotion (120 Hz) allows you to enjoy all these contents and applications with a certain comfort. This iPad Pro won’t quite replace your MacBook (even if it’s two fingers away), but it will be its ally with the universal control that will soon be appearing.

A speaker: the JBL Charge 4

The JBL Charge 4 during Amazon Prime Days

For less than 100 euros, look no further.

The JBL Charge 4 is an excellent portable speaker, with its compact size that allows it to be taken on board while traveling, on vacation, in the mountains or on the beach (it is waterproof), but also to put it on an indoor shelf and enjoy the solid bass that we know well from JBL speakers.

Today on its official website the company no longer sells the Charge 4, but only the Charge 5 (sold for 179 euros), which is a little revamped, but does not present so many differences with the previous one, compared to the price difference, almost single to double. Last advantage for this promotion at 95 euros (instead of the usual 129 euros on Amazon): it is available in several colors, such as blue, yellow or white.

A wireless gaming mouse: Logitech G502 Lightspeed at -50%

The right Logitech mouse during Amazon Prime Days

Normally, the Logitech gaming mouse costs almost 150 euros. This June 21, 2021, we find it at almost 50% less, for 73.50 euros. For this price, the Lightspeed G502 stands out as the most interesting reference if you want to move from the “casual gamer” to someone who wants to invest a little more in video games (if you have just bought a nice PC for example) and gain in skills thanks to the many buttons wedged on its left side, now is the time.

A drill kit: Bosch Professional 18 V

The Bosch drill kit during Amazon Prime Days

See those shelves that you bought three months ago, but still haven’t put down because you always forget to ask your friend-who-has-a-drill to lend it to you? It’s time to act. The Bosch Professional 18V kit is not for huge holes (nor for very hard brick), but the discounted drill / driver (almost 50 euros less today) is perfect for small to medium jobs.

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