Amazon Prime Days 2021: the best Apple deals are in this guide

In 2021, Amazon is selling off some Apple products during Prime Days (June 21 and 22). Enough to make real savings on latest generation products.

In 2021, the Amazon Prime account will be used to watch French football. But for many years, it has provided access to two days of promotions organized by Amazon, called Prime Days. Even if these days are not official sales in France, we notice every year that the American giant offers some of the best offers of the year, on a large catalog – more than 30,000 references this year.

This is particularly the case in consumer tech and this year, there are some good offers in the Apple universe.

iPhone 12 mini: 639 € instead of 809 €

The iPhone is at a good price // Source: Keepa Data

The iPhone 12 mini is proof that a small smartphone is not necessarily a cheap smartphone. Compared to the classic iPhone 12, it only loses a little screen diagonal and battery size. On the other hand, it gains a lot in terms of comfort of use and transport, which fits perfectly in small pockets and small hands.

It is, incidentally, one of the best photophones of the moment, one of the best mobile cameras of the moment and a smartphone that runs iOS 14, a fast, reliable and secure operating system. It will of course be compatible with iOS 15 and support 5G. In short, a machine ready for the future, never seen at this price – the lowest price observed was 649 €.

Apple Watch Series 6 – 389 € instead of 429 €

Apple Watch Series 6 at its best price // Source: Keepa data

It’s hard to do a better connected watch than the Apple Watch Series 6. It will also support people who want to monitor their performance in sport, those who need motivation to do a little exercise and even those who have certain aspects. their health to be monitored (electrocardiogram, blood oxygen levels, sleep monitoring, period monitoring, etc.). Designed to work in the Apple universe, the Watch Series 6 is perfect to support the use of an iPhone.

It has already been spotted at € 399: at € 389, it’s a few euros earned to buy an extra bracelet, for example.

Magic Keyboard – 69 € instead of 109 €

Magic Keyboard at its best price // Source: Keepa Data

The Magic Keyboard is the benchmark Apple keyboard. It equips the latest generations of MacBook Pro and Air, but has always accompanied the desktop computers of the Cupertino company. Its typing is not very loud and the stroke of the keys is not long, but it is very popular with people with a lot of text to type. Its only flaw is often its price, but for Prime Days, we can almost recommend buying two to have stock.

The Magic Keyboard is sold for € 69. This is the lowest price seen in the past, during a previous promotion.

Apple Pencil 2nd Generation – 104 € instead of 135 €

Apple Pencil 2nd gen at its best price // Source: Keepa data

If you have a latest generation iPad Pro or iPad Air, you have an iPad compatible with a second generation Pencil stylus. Apple’s drawing tool also lets you take handwritten notes and turn them into editable typed notes or touch up photos and edit videos. In short, it is a versatile tool that can be recharged on the edge of your tablet.

Usually sold for € 135, it trades at € 104 for Prime Days – € 10 less than the best of promotions.

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