Amazon Prime now offers Deliveroo Plus in its subscription

Amazon Prime is offering a new benefit to its subscribers. From now on, users can take advantage of a one-year subscription to Deliveroo Plus, the premium formula for the home-cooked meal delivery service. Thanks to it, subscribers are exempt from delivery charges for orders over €25.

amazon prime deliveroo
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Amazon Prime, Amazon’s subscription formula, already offers many advantages for a relatively low price of €5.99/month or €49.99 per year. In addition to free priority delivery in France and delivery of your Monoprix shopping in certain major cities, subscribers can access Amazon Prime Video, the American giant’s streaming service, but also Prime Readingwhich makes it possible to obtain free e-books regularly.

Then add to that the subscription to Amazon Music Prime and its two million titles available in streaming or offline. However, the company has decided to add another advantage to this already substantial list. From this Wednesday, March 30, 2022, Amazon Prime subscribers can also enjoy a one-year subscription to Deliveroo Plusthe premium formula of the home-cooked meal delivery service.

amazon prime deliveroo
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Amazon Prime now includes a one-year subscription to Deliveroo Plus

Representing an annual value of €35.99, this offer allows you to be Exempt from delivery charges for orders placed on Deliveroo over €25. In addition, cardholders can also take advantage of exclusive offers reserved for Deliveroo Plus members such as reduced prices at certain restaurants.

To activate this benefit, you will need to log in / register on Deliveroo, then link your Amazon Prime account to your Deliveroo account. The operation is done in just a few clicks. Note, however, that access to Deliveroo Plus for Amazon Prime subscribers is only valid for one year in France.. At the end of the twelve months, the subscription to Deliveroo Plus will not automatically renew. And of course, if you cancel your subscription to Amazon Prime, a task that can also be complicated, you will no longer benefit from the year offered at Deliveroo Plus.

As a reminder, Amazon recently increased the prices of Prime subscriptions by 17% in the United States. The American giant justified this price increase by the increase in delivery costs, wages and to finance future Amazon Prime Video productions. In France, the price has not changed since the launch of the service in 2005.

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