Amazon Prime Video will also have a cheaper plan with ads

If a few days ago we picked up on Prime Video’s mockery of Netflix for blocking shared accounts, the sales giant’s platform could be preparing now to follow your competition in the application of another characteristic that has not enjoyed very good press either, but which does seem to have been enthusiastically embraced by part of the public and, above all, the industry.

In other words, Amazon Prime Video plans to follow in the footsteps of Netflix and its cheap plan with ads, although in the case of Netflix perhaps the adjective cheap is superfluous, given that it costs practically the same as a subscription to services such as SkyShowtime or HBO Max. This information comes directly from The Wall Street Journal and is being considered valid.

It should be mentioned in this regard that although in this of the content plans paid in part with ads Netflix is ​​being a spearhead that, it is known, will be imitated sooner rather than later by other video-on-demand services such as Disney + or the new Max, it is not at all an original idea of ​​the great N of VOD.

Without going any further, or perhaps yes, because the news dates back almost six years, Prime Video was already considering the turn of the screw -although it officially denied it- to a business model that, no matter how popular it has become , it does not finish settling in the economic aspect: not one has achieved benefits since it all began.

The question is that on the one hand there are already streaming Free video with advertising, see Plex, Runtime or Pluto TV, a type of alternative that Amazon has already opted for. This is the case of Freevee, which for the moment is still not available in Spain, but which is very popular in the United States and where many original Amazon productions can be seen for free.

And, on the other, Prime Video is one of the best-stocked and cheapest servicesIt is not for nothing that it is one of the company’s hooks to promote and maintain Amazon Prime subscriptions as a whole. The price of the VOD service alone, however, depends on the territory, because not all over the world it can be purchased separately.

But, wow, that Prime Video adds to the fashion? We are in a world where free televisions are being speculated on in exchange for advertising, so who knows.

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