Amazon reveals details of integration with Comixology

The tech giant Amazon is known to be very active in the field of various entertainment content. And in the near future, as it became known, the company’s efforts in this direction will only intensify. The fact is that the corporation shared more detailed information on how exactly it is going to integrate Comixology into its other services. And to go into more detail, the aforementioned internet giant has published an updated Q&A that explains various key transition points, including even mentioning some key deadlines.

In particular, the Comixology platform will no longer fulfill pre-orders for comics released on or after February 17th. That is, you will have to cancel them and re-order through Amazon. The same listing also clearly states that comic series subscriptions will only be available through Amazon, and that “a small number of lines will not be transferred.” And yes, users will be notified if their favorite fails to make the transition. It’s also important that Amazon is already slowly starting to provide the usual advice, such as getting ready for the new Comixology app, which will use merging your existing accounts.

The company also updated the Comixology shopping information in the comics section of Amazon. And as previously stated by the corporation, the existing Comixology application and the corresponding online store will cease to exist some time after the appearance of the new portal. So users will have a little more time to still make the transition if they want to. And in general, the timeline indicated in the Q&A list mentioned above coincides with the previously slightly delayed goal of integrating the platform into the “Amazon ecosystem” in early 2022. So Comixology, the digital comics buying and reading portal you once might have known, will very soon be vanishing and “reborn into something new” whether you like it or not.

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